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Dallas' 20th DNA Exoneration

Dallas, TX – Dallas County says a record-setting 20th inmate is about to be exonerated for a 1986 crime which DNA shows he did not commit. KERA's Bill Zeeble has more.

In this afternoon's court hearing for 47 year old Jerry Lee Evans, DNA results will show no match between him and the DNA gathered 23 years ago from the victim of a sexual assault with a deadly weapon.

Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins says while it's a much deserved victory for Mr. Evans, this 20th DNA exoneration is a shocking reminder of how flawed the criminal justice has been and how much work we have ahead. Evans was serving a life term with a 10 thousand dollar fine. His 1988 appeal was denied.

The DA's office is investigating this case in hopes of identifying the actual perpetrator.

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