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Cruz, Dewhurst Campaign In North Texas

Jun 21, 2012

There’s one day left before Republican Senate candidates David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz face off in their first televised debate, live from KERA’s studios. 

Former solicitor general Ted Cruz spent Thursday soliciting both votes and campaign dollars in North Texas. He calls himself the “true” conservative in the Senate race.

"This race presents a clear and simple choice between a go-along to get-along establishment politician, and a strong conservative fighter. Lt. Governor Dewhurst is a good and decent man who has spent 15 years in statewide elected office," Cruz said. "And during that decade and a half, over and over again, he has compromised with Democrats. he has cut deals, he has increased spending, and he has increased taxes."

On Cruz’s website, voters can see an ad featuring the candidate speaking in front of a Tea Party Express banner. Interspersed in the produced piece is praise from supporters.

Cruz: …then I call on you in the name of liberty, of patriotism and of everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid…

Pamela Fowler: and he will continue to do so and lead the conservative senators in the U.S. Senate…

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst rejects all that. He was also in North Texas Wednesday busily visiting donors and selling himself as the consummate outsider and job creator.

"I’m a lifelong business man, I still run my business. And I spend time, part time, as Lt. Governor to try to make this state better. My opponent is a Washington insider," Dewhurst said. "He spent a large portion of his adult life working for federal bureaucracies and state bureaucracies. My opponent is a Washington insider I’m a Washington outsider. And I want to take my skills to Washington."

Dewhurst’s latest ad, on his web page, attacks Cruz as a Washington insider. Dewhurst’s ad shows a 1980s Pac Man game, where the face of Ted Cruz gobbles up big donations from DC-based PACs like Freedom Works. The ad labels Cruz a puppet of Washington insiders who will support special interests, not Texans.

Voters will decide for themselves. The Texas Debates, Cruz versus Dewhurst, will be moderated by KERA’s Shelley Kofler, and air live Friday, tomorrow, from 8 to 9 pm on KERA television and 90.1 radio. It’s also running statewide on TV and radio. Univision will present a Spanish simulcast.

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