North Texas
7:29 pm
Thu October 13, 2011

City Offers New Location To Occupy Dallas

Dallas, TX – Dallas City Hall wants Occupy Dallas to move its tent-city from Pioneer Plaza, and is offering the protesters space behind City Hall. KERA's BJ Austin says the protesters appear split on whether to move.

Dallas City Hall officials say lawyers on both sides are discussing a new location for Occupy Dallas. The city wants to move the protest from Pioneer Plaza in front of the Convention Center, to an area at Canton and Akard, behind City Hall. That was the hot topic at the noon "general assembly" of the protesters.

Protester Parks Stearns suggested the group occupy both locations.

Stearns: I myself, if I have to be arrested, I plan to stay. If you guys go, that's great. And hold down the fort over there and create a beautiful space over there where people can get together. If you guys go, and we stay, we can both win.

But protester Kooper Caraway took the bullhorn to argue against splitting the group.

Caraway: We are far too small to divide ourselves into two different factions who live here and who live over there. We can grow our movement and then occupy every park in the city. But until then, let's grow here and then spread out.

Federal Judge Jane Boyle will hear a request from Occupy Dallas attorneys tomorrow to block city efforts to clear the protesters out of Pioneer Plaza.

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