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Cardinals Stun Rangers, Forcing Series To Game Seven

Dallas, TX – It's do or die for the Texas Rangers tonight after losing Game Six in the World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals, 10-9 in the 11th inning. KERA's BJ Austin says downtown Dallas Rangers fans are disappointed, but optimistic the Trophy will be coming to North Texas.

Ranger fans were optimistic and enthusiastic at the start of Game Six. But in the ninth inning, the Cardinals tied the game and won it in the 11th. Rangers fan Casey Sullivan says the Rangers were so close to winning it all the extra inning defeat is deflating.

Sullivan: That was stunning. That was stunning. That was very abrupt. I hope they do it. It just got a whole lot more interesting.

University of North Texas sports psychologist Dr. Trent Petrie says the Ranger loss at the brink of the most important victory in baseball is hard for fans to take. But he predicts the disappointment won't last long.

Petrie: But then I think we're going to return to that sense of excitement and nervousness and our anticipation of winning the World Series in Game 7.

So what will it take to win the critical game? Rangers fan Glenn Farris says fundamentals.

Farris: Not making any errors, staying on top of it, being smart about it. That's how they're gonna win.

Andrew Riddle says this could be one of the all time best World Series.

Riddle: It's the suspense. There's ins and outs. Anything can happen, to the last minute.

And the 2011 World Series comes down to this final Game 7 tonight.

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