Rick Holter

Vice President of News

Rick Holter is KERA's vice president of news. He oversees news coverage on all of KERA's platforms – radio, digital and television. He returned to Dallas in 2012 after six years at NPR, where he edited the shows Weekend All Things Considered and Day to Day, and supervised the Digital News operation. Before that, Rick spent 15 years at The Dallas Morning News, after editing stints at what was then the St. Petersburg Times (now Tampa Bay Times) in Florida and the News & Observer in Raleigh, N.C.

He’s collected honors including USC-Getty Arts Journalism Fellowships in 2005 and 2011, a National Headliners Award (2010), a NLGJA Award (2009) and numerous newspaper design awards. He also edited and designed a Pulitzer Prize-winning feature series (1992). A graduate of the University of Maryland, he grew up on a dairy farm in Middletown, Md.


Friday Conversation
9:58 am
Fri August 29, 2014

Tim Rogers On How 'D' Magazine Keeps Up With A Changing Dallas

Portraits by 'D' photographer Elizabeth Lavin are shown at Klyde Warren Park.
Adelina Sun KERA News

D Magazine is marking its 40th anniversary with a diverse list of personalities that suggest a new currency of power in the city. A special issue and exhibit at Klyde Warren Park feature portraits of these individuals -- GLBT activists, immigrants, and, yes, moguls among them -- by photographer Elizabeth Lavin. For this week's Friday Conversation, D editor Tim Rogers met KERA's Rick Holter at the park. 

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Friday Conversation
2:52 pm
Fri August 22, 2014

Dallas Police Chief David Brown: Shouting Is What Leads To Healing

Dallas Police Chief David Brown: "I would much rather have a couple of hundred folks shouting at me in a church than on a protest line after a police shooting."
Dallas Police Department

It’s been almost two weeks since a police officer shot an unarmed man in Ferguson, Mo., and only in the last few days has the suburban St. Louis town started to calm down. In today's Friday Conversation, Dallas Police Chief David Brown talks about how he's managed to avoid that kind of unrest and whether law enforcement has become too militarized.

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Friday Conversation
7:00 am
Fri August 15, 2014

Tanya Habjouqa On Looking At The World Through A Different Lens

A photo from the "Occupied Pleasures" series. A woman is pictured using a tunnel to cross into Egypt for a wedding.
Tanya Habjouqa

Tanya Habjouqa sees things differently than the rest of us. She’s a photographer who was born in Jordan, raised in North Texas and now lives in the Middle East. Her images have appeared everywhere from the New York Times to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and she won a World Press photo award this year.

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KERA Newsroom
7:37 pm
Thu August 14, 2014

From The Newsroom: Urban Life In The Burbs, And Community College For Free?

Downtown Plano is now a mix of historical structures, modern apartments, restaurants and bars.
City of Plano

Tonight's top local stories from the KERA newsroom: The Democrat running for lieutenant governor wants to give all Texas kids two years of free community college; her Republican opponent says, “We feel she has chosen to spend more money to achieve less." Urban life is becoming a fact of life in the suburbs. And the plight of the high school principal.

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Texas News
7:03 pm
Mon August 11, 2014

Deconstructing The Dallas Budget: Libraries, Animals Get A Boost; Police Get Cut

City Manager A.C. Gonzalez, shown shortly after he got the job in February, presents his first budget to the Dallas City Council on Tuesday
Doualy Xaykaothao KERA News

A.C. Gonzalez is six months into his job as Dallas' city manager, and Tuesday, he’ll present his first official budget to the city council. It includes a $5 million cut in police funding -- meaning 35 fewer officers -- and more money for libraries and animal services. Gonzalez sat down with KERA a day before his big reveal.

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Friday Conversation
8:15 am
Fri August 8, 2014

Urban Planner Patrick Kennedy Wants To Tear Down A Highway

Patrick Kennedy is an urban planner who's campaigning to tear down a stretch of I-345.
Krystina Martinez KERA News

It’s a rough time to be a commuter in North Texas. The massive Horseshoe project is rerouting downtown Dallas highways, 635’s a mess, 820 and other freeways under construction in the midcities are swamped. So what’s the answer? Urban planner Patrick Kennedy argues we should be tearing down highways – or at least one stretch of I-345 in downtown Dallas.

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Friday Conversation
8:15 am
Fri August 1, 2014

From Staubach-Wannabe To Texas Monthly Editor: Brian Sweany On His Career So Far

Texas Monthly magazine editor-in-chief Brian Sweany.
Credit Texas Monthly

Two decades ago, a North Texas kid named Brian Sweany walked into the offices of Texas Monthly magazine as an intern. In the August issue that’s just hit newsstands, that kid is listed for the first time as editor-in-chief. Sweany chats with KERA’s vice president of news, Rick Holter, for this week’s Friday Conversation.

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Texas News
6:11 pm
Tue July 29, 2014

A Friend Fleshes Out The Picture Of John Wiley Price: 'We Are All Stunned'

Credit Gerald Britt says County Commissioner John Wiley Price's arrest created an "incredible sadness" in the African American community.

A 107-page federal indictment of County Commissioner John Wiley Price and three others painted a picture of conspiracy, tax fraud, and nearly $1 million in bribes. Rev. Gerald Britt says that’s not the whole picture. Britt, who’s vice president for public policy at CitySquare, wrote an op-ed column in today’s Dallas Morning News about the case and sat down with KERA.

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Friday Conversation
12:54 pm
Mon July 28, 2014

New Bike Czar Ashley Haire On The Roadblocks To Making Dallas Bike-Friendly

Ashley Haire moved to Texas two years ago to work on the "Horseshoe" highway project in downtown Dallas. She took over as the city of Dallas' bike coordinator in May.
Credit Portland State University

No doubt about it: North Texas is car country. The League of American Bicyclists ranked the 70 biggest U.S. cities in share of bike commuters, and four of the bottom 12 were in North Texas. Dallas came in at No. 65, and the city's new bike czar, Ashley Haire, is determined to change that. She sits down with KERA's vice president of news, Rick Holter, in this week's Friday Conversation.

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4:48 pm
Tue July 22, 2014

Reporter/Doctor Talks Of The Flight 17 Death Of Her Mentor, AIDS Researcher Joep Lange

Seema Yasmin is a professor in practice at the University of Texas at Dallas and a staff writer at the Dallas Morning News.
Doualy Xaykaothao KERA News

The Malaysia Airlines tragedy last week has rocked the world of AIDS research. An international AIDS conference started Sunday with a tribute to the half-dozen researchers who died on Flight 17. 

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