Rick Holter

Vice President of News

Rick Holter is KERA's vice president of news. He oversees news coverage on all of KERA's platforms – radio, digital and television. He returned to Dallas in 2012 after six years at NPR, where he edited the shows Weekend All Things Considered and Day to Day, and supervised the Digital News operation. Before that, Rick spent 15 years at The Dallas Morning News, after editing stints at what was then the St. Petersburg Times (now Tampa Bay Times) in Florida and the News & Observer in Raleigh, N.C.

He’s collected honors including USC-Getty Arts Journalism Fellowships in 2005 and 2011, a National Headliners Award (2010), a NLGJA Award (2009) and numerous newspaper design awards. He also edited and designed a Pulitzer Prize-winning feature series (1992). A graduate of the University of Maryland, he grew up on a dairy farm in Middletown, Md.


Friday Conversation
4:28 pm
Fri February 13, 2015

Dallas Citizens Council Takes A Stand On Medicaid, Trinity Toll Road

Alice Murray, who helmed the Dallas Holocaust Museum, now leads the Dallas Citizens Council.
Rick Holter KERA News

The Dallas Citizens Council is a group of the most powerful business leaders in town that in many ways shaped the modern city. It also became a lightning rod of criticism for people who felt powerless – for decades, this was an all-white, all-male club that epitomized the establishment.

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Friday Conversation
9:45 am
Fri December 19, 2014

Meet Susan Hawk, Dallas County's Next District Attorney

Susan Hawk campaign Facebook

In 13 days, Dallas County gets a new district attorney. Susan Hawk will be the first woman in the job, and she won it last month from the first African-American D.A., Craig Watkins. She’s also the only Dallas Republican to win countywide this election year. She sat down to talk about some of her plans as the next district attorney.

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Friday Conversation
8:09 am
Fri December 12, 2014

Myth-Busting With Plano's Mayor: 'We're A Very Diverse Melting Pot'

Harry LaRosiliere has been Plano's mayor since 2013.
Doualy Xaykaothao KERA News

This week, the city of Plano did a little myth-busting. After a contentious debate, the Plano City Council approved a measure to extend discrimination protections to people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The city’s mayor, Harry LaRosiliere, has spent his year and a half in office busting other myths, too. He talked with KERA this week.

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Friday Conversation
10:02 am
Fri December 5, 2014

Gromer Jeffers: No 'Quiet Time' For Dallas County Politics

Gromer Jeffers Jr. is a columnist with the Dallas Morning News.

The month after an election is generally thought to be a political ‘quiet time.’ This year, the past few weeks in North Texas has been pretty noisy. First, Fort Worth mayor Betsy Price announced her re-election bid on KERA, and this week, the mayor of Dallas said he’ll run again. Gromer Jeffers with The Dallas Morning News sat down to talk about local politics in this week’s Friday Conversation.

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Friday Conversation
6:15 am
Fri November 21, 2014

NPR Does Sports? Tom Goldman On The Social Issues Beyond The Scoreboard

Tom Goldman says issues-based sports reporting is fascinating and continues to evolve.
Courtney Collins KERA News

If anyone still thinks the sports world is just about the scoreboard, they haven't been watching too closely.

Correspondent Tom Goldman chronicles the sports world for NPR.

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Friday Conversation
11:56 am
Fri November 14, 2014

From Belgium To Denton: Carine Feyten On The Future Of TWU

Carine Feyten at her TWU inauguration.
TWU Housing Twitter

Texas Woman’s University just inaugurated its first new chancellor and president in 14 years -- Carine Feyten. For this week’s Friday Conversation, she talks with KERA’s vice president of news, Rick Holter, about her career journey and her plans at TWU.

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9:39 am
Fri November 7, 2014

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price: 'Absolutely' I’ll Run Again

Mayor Betsy Price at the Fort Worth Library in the summer of 2013.
Fort Worth Library Flickr

The 2014 elections are over. But in an interview with KERA, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price dropped a little news of her own about next year's election: She plans on running for another term.

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Friday Conversation
7:15 am
Fri October 24, 2014

Chief Nursing Officer Reflects On 'Very Challenging Time' For Presbyterian Hospital

Chief nursing officer Cole Edmonson oversees 1,300 nurses at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.
Krystina Martinez KERA News

Cole Edmonson has spent the last month facing the biggest challenge of his career. He’s chief nursing officer at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, which means he oversees 1,300 nurses. One of them, Nina Pham, was declared Ebola-free and released today from the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md. The other, Amber Vinson, has tested negative for the virus but is still being treated in Atlanta.

Edmonson sat down with KERA’s vice president of news, Rick Holter, for this week’s Friday Conversation.

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Friday Conversation
7:07 am
Fri October 17, 2014

Meet The Man Who Aims For A 90-Minute Bullet Train Ride From Dallas To Houston

Robert Eckels is the president of Texas Central Railway, the private company behind the bullet train project. Eckels was a county judge for years in Harris County.
Krystina Martinez KERA News

Bullet trains fire up regularly between cities in Europe. In Japan, the state-of-the-art Shinkansen trains can reach 200 miles per hour. Robert Eckels, president of Texas Central Railway, is determined to bring that same bullet train to Texas. His goal: a 90-minute commute from Dallas to Houston. 

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Friday Conversation
7:47 am
Fri September 19, 2014

Ex-Astronaut Ed Lu On Deflecting Asteroids And Building The Private Space Business

Ed Lu spent over 200 days in space and now owns a company that identifies and re-directs asteroids.
Adelina Sun KERA News

The private space business is booming, and Texas is a primary launch pad. For this week’s Friday Conversation, KERA’s vice president of news, Rick Holter, sits down with Ed Lu – a longtime astronaut who now has his own space company.

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