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Lyndsay Knecht

Associate Producer

Lyndsay Knecht is assistant producer for Think. 

She came to KERA 90.1 with an interest in telling stories about how the arts can influence social change and community development. She wrote for outlets like the Dallas Observer and before landing at UNT's Center for Economic Development and Research.

While Lyndsay headed up content and publicity departments as Director of Development for 35 Denton, the four-day music festival won the 2011 award for Best Promotional Event from the Texas Downtown Association. 

Tap her shoulder @ltknecht.

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Dynamic engagement is behind a boom in Latino-produced online media. One example: Texas blogger Armando Rayo calls himself a “taco journalist.” He explains how his dual heritage reflects a larger shift in interests in an interview with KERA's Lauren Silverman at SXSW Interactive. “I was born and raised here in Texas, I’m Mexican at heart but Tejano by birth so that experience is my own bicultural experience ... you won’t see me watching novelas, but you will see me watching the 'Daily Show',” Rayo says.

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: How events influence place, Plainview's march toward ghost town status after a major plant closed, the secret history of Dallas' black mayors and more.

KERA has deployed a team to SXSW in Austin this week and next. First up for KERA's Lauren Silverman: Bill Gates' keynote address today for SXSWEdu, the Austin conference's education arm. Listen for her story on KERA 90.1 this afternoon.

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Why do parents react the way they do when their children don’t turn out like they expect? Andrew Solomon spent ten years interviewing 300 families with what he deems “exceptional children” – special-needs kids, prodigies, transgendered children, and others with outlying characteristics. He talks to Think host Krys Boyd today at noon about his book Far From The Tree.

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: The one thing veterans can do to ensure claims go through, pocketknives on planes, Carly Rae Jepsen hangs up on the Boy Scouts and more.

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Ron White is spending the day writing the  names and rank of 2,200 soliders in Afghanistan who died on the same tour he served. He’s doing this all from memory -- more than 6,600 words in sequence.