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If you've never been able to get out of bed for a morning run, keep your place clean or give up fast food, it might be time to stop wallowing in guilt and find out why. Gretchen Rubin, author of Better Than Before, is an expert at helping people keep promises to themselves, even those who've only been consistent in resisting healthy choices. She helped Think listeners decide what they really want and get it. 

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Recent pep rallies at elementary schools across Dallas have included a little gift for every kid in attendance -- a T-shirt with the name of their local high school and the year they’ll graduate.

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The top local stories this morning from the KERA Newsroom: New census numbers put the Dallas-Fort Worth area as the second fastest-growing metro area area in the country. Also, how a child might cope with cancer differently than a teenager or an adult who’s survived the disease.


Five stories that have North Texas talking: Texas is a step closer to a ban on texting while driving; Levi Pettit apologizes for his role in the racist fraternity video; elephants keep an 18-wheeler from falling over; and more.

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Cancer can take a toll on a kid’s physical health, but there are psychological effects, too. Many survivors experience anxiety, while some suffer from post-traumatic stress.

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KERA’s series One Crisis Away, Inside a Neighborhood, wrapped up with the story of Tricia Oliver, a hard-working single mom who couldn’t afford to buy a birthday bike for her 5-year-old, Jayden.

This station’s listeners weren’t OK with that. More than a dozen called or wrote in, offering to buy Jayden that bike. 

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The top local stories this evening from the KERA Newsroom:

A pair of council members planned to leave their seats Wednesday for the public microphone to speak about what could be the hottest issue in May’s election: the proposed Trinity toll road. 

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City Council members control the agenda and microphones, but can’t talk during meetings about anything that’s not on the official agenda. So on Wednesday, a pair of council members planned to leave their seats and head for the public microphone. The topic? What could be the hottest issue in May’s election: the proposed Trinity toll road. At the last minute, though, the city attorney put the kibosh on their plans.

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The former University of Oklahoma student featured in a racist chant that was captured on video is making his first public remarks since the incident sparked national headlines.

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Some 50,000 military veterans are homeless each night in the United States. In parts of North Texas, that number is declining. The latest census shows the homeless vet count in Fort Worth has dropped by one-third compared to last year. Seventy vets in that city currently call the Presbyterian Night Shelter home. On Tuesday, at a fundraiser for a vets program, a retired Marine general told vets he's got their backs.