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Five stories that have North Texas talking: early voting in Texas wields power; 1.2 million people went to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo; bobcats are on the loose in Richardson; and more. 

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Debaters from across the country and around the world traveled to Dallas last week for the fourth year of what are known as the Old Parkland debates. The event was held in a new multi-million dollar state-of-the-art “debate-plex.” 


The top stories this afternoon from KERA News: The head of the Denton County Republican party is leaving her post for a spot on the party’s executive committee. KERA spoke with Dianne Edmondson to talk about the state of the GOP, and why Texas Republicans consider Denton County so valuable.

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The Denton County Republican Party held its biggest fundraiser of the year on Ronald Reagan’s birthday and it was a show of force. A thousand Republicans in formal wear crowded into a cavernous banquet hall Saturday to hear from elected leaders.

In North Texas, Varying Viewpoints On Refugees

16 hours ago

Refugees have been in the headlines for months -- from Europe to Texas. More than 4 million Syrian refugees have fled the country since conflict began in 2011.

Ted Cruz: Drafting Women Into Military Combat Is 'Nuts'

21 hours ago
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Unprompted and in the final days of his New Hampshire primary campaign, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz unleashed ire at the notion of drafting women into military combat.

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The top local stories this morning from KERA News: There’s a special Dallas city council meeting at 5 p.m. for residents to offer suggestions for Fair Park’s future. It’s part of an effort to revitalize Fair Park and make the 277-acre fairground a year-round destination.

What You Should Know About Broken Heart Syndrome

23 hours ago

The term "broken heart" is usually just a figure of speech. However, the emotional pain or loss involved can contribute to a potentially serious physical condition called Broken Heart Syndrome.

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: Alamo Drafthouse is open for business; Ethan Couch was moved to adult jail; Amazon doesn’t intimidate Half Price Books; and more.


Dallas residents will get another chance to offer their ideas on Fair Park’s future at a special Dallas City Council meeting Feb. 8. For decades, people have talked about how to revitalize Fair Park and make the 277-acre fairground a year-round destination, but getting everyone on board has been the sticking point.