A.C. Gonzalez, who's been a lightning rod for criticism during his two-plus years as Dallas's city manager, said Monday that he'll leave the job in January.

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The top local stories this afternoon from KERA News: As the fallout continues from a report detailing Baylor’s mishandling of sexual assault allegations, journalists talk about what this case could mean for all of college sports.

Paxton Shopped Transgender Policy To Second School District

May 27, 2016

When Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Wednesday that he had filed a lawsuit challenging federal guidelines for transgender students, he said it was to protect a Texas school district that had adopted a policy requiring students to use bathrooms according to the gender cited on their birth certificates. 

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The top local stories this morning from KERA News: State Attorney General Ken Paxton asked two school districts in North Texas to pass restroom policies at odds with federal guidelines.


The Texas Medical Association has picked a North Texas doctor to be its next president. What stands out about him is what he’s been through. Almost a decade ago, Dr. Don Read nearly died from the West Nile Virus.


Five stories that have North Texas talking: The question Texans googled more than any other state is “Where is the internet?”; once again Exxon Mobil rejected climate change proposals; craft beer has transitioned from trend to trademark in D-FW; and more.

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The top local stories this afternoon from KERA News:  A deadly dog attack earlier this month has residents of south Dallas, city council members and animal rescuers speaking out about what they call a crisis-level stray dog problem

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Most big cities have a problem with stray dogs. In Dallas, it’s more like a crisis.

This month, dogs mauled a homeless woman, biting her more than 100 times. A week later, she died. Now, neighbors are furious and city officials are scrambling to come up with an answer.

Football Coach Art Briles Fired, President Ken Starr Reassigned In Baylor Shakeup

May 26, 2016
Texas Tribune

Apologizing to “Baylor Nation” for the university’s handling of accusations of sexual assault on campus, the Baylor University Board of Regents on Thursday fired football coach Art Briles and removed Ken Starr from his post as president.


ExxonMobil shareholders in Dallas once again failed to pass several resolutions that would force the oil giant to address climate change. The Irving-based company has been under scrutiny for how it’s handled environmental issues.  And while environmentalists are disappointed, they're not surprised.