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A Guide To The Legal Players In The Ken Paxton Case

44 minutes ago
Graphic by The Texas Tribune.

The state’s top law enforcement officer — Attorney General Ken Paxton — now faces three felony charges related to possible securities fraud in business dealings before he took office.


KERA’s “One Crisis Away” project and reporter Courtney Collins have won another national award – the first-ever RTDNA/NEFE 2015 Personal Finance Reporting Award. The competitors were public and commercial stations across the country – so it’s the biggest honor yet for the KERA News project.


The family of a black motorist who died while in custody says they've filed a lawsuit against a Texas sheriff's office and others because they still haven't received enough answers from authorities.

Laura Buckman / Texas Tribune

The top local stories this morning from the KERA Newsroom: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will have a tough road ahead, said one expert on white-collar crime law.

Craig James U.S. Senate campaign/Facebook

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Craig James sues Fox Sports; Ken Paxton is charged with securities fraud; Ted Cruz and Rick Perry appear in New Hampshire; and more.

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American Airlines has said that it will no longer transport big game trophies, the latest carrier to announce such a policy since a popular lion named Cecil was killed by a recreational hunter in Zimbabwe.

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A lawyer specializing in white collar financial crime says Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton faces tough felony charges alleged in Monday’s unsealed indictments. Paxton says he’s not guilty, while Democrats want him to resign.

The top local stories this evening from the KERA Newsroom: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's lawyer says Paxton will plead not guilty to felony securities fraud charges and request a jury trial.

A couple hours northwest of Fort Worth, the Waggoner Ranch is up for sale. The legendary, half-million-acre ranch near Wichita Falls has a history almost as big as its $725 million price tag. KERA’s Justin Martin talks with Eric O’Keefe of the Land Report about the ranch’s outsized legacy.