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UT-Arlington isn’t known as a college sports powerhouse in Texas. So what happens when the team wins two of the biggest games in program history? 

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Just about anyone who’s into sports are familiar with crazy contests, like a fan taking a half-court shot to win a car or file a March Madness bracket for a shot at a million dollars. The odds of winning those contests are pretty small, but when someone does win, another person has to pay. 

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The holiday shopping season kicks into high gear Friday (and, in the case of a few stores, Thursday night). When you start talking shopping strategies, it becomes pretty clear pretty quickly how differently we all approach the task. 


The top local stories this evening from the KERA Newsroom: The clouds are gathering, and with a high of 75 degrees Wednesday, it certainly doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving yet. Matt Bishop of the National Weather Service says that’ll change when arctic cold starts pouring into Texas Thursday evening. 

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East Texas is known for its Piney Woods, Caddo Lake and perhaps, sweet potatoes. It’s also the patent lawsuit capitol of the country. The reason: more patent infringement cases are brought to Eastern District courts than anywhere else. 


The top local stories this morning from the KERA Newsroom: More patent infringement cases are brought to courts in East Texas than anywhere else in the country. In Texas alone, more than 600 companies have been hit with a patent infringement lawsuit since 2005. The rise of “patent trolls” is partially to blame.       

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This holiday weekend, high school kids across the country will be bringing their phones to family dinners. Not just to text their friends, though – they’ll be interviewing family members, StoryCorps-style. It’s a project called “The Great Thanksgiving Listen,” and it’s being done through the free StoryCorps app. One North Texas class lining up its questions.  

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The top local stories this evening from the KERA Newsroom: An arctic cold front is headed this way – rain will roll in Thanksgiving evening and drench North Texas over the weekend. Amanda Schroeder of the National Weather Service in Fort Worth says Black Friday shoppers had better pack an umbrella.

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The pressure to shell out for holiday gifts, decorations, food, travel – it can push families to spend money they just don’t have. KERA is starting new chapter in our on-going look at life on the financial edge: One Crisis Away At The Holidays.

To kick things off we trace the modern-day history of retail spending and debt; from department store charge accounts, to wallets packed with plastic.

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As a med student, Dr. Seema Yasmin learned tropical diseases like Chagas shouldn't concern aspiring physicians based in London or the U.S. She was surprised to find Americans were indeed among the 1.5 billion people afflicted with one of the illnesses - yet, they were hearing the same thing from their doctors: it couldn't be. Yasmin talked with Krys Boyd on "Think" about the "seven scourges of the tropics" Texans are at risk of contracting.