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Five stories that have North Texas talking: What’s the risk of Zika virus affecting Dallas this summer?; after Marco Rubio quit, Ted Cruz continues as Donald Trump’s main competitor; you may have been to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Uptown bar; and more.


Five stories that have North Texas talking: Counties rocked by the Dec. 26 tornados now have federal support; the sunken Dallas Wave in the Trinity River faces an ultimatum; watch baby penguins hatch at the Dallas Zoo; and more.


A Dallas County patient has been infected with the Zika virus after having sex, county health officials say.

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By now many people in North Texas have heard of the Zika virus, but few have firsthand experience. Dr. David Vanderpool does. Vanderpool was raised and educated in Dallas and has seen the toll the disease is taking south of the border, in the poorest country of the Americas – Haiti. He says whether or not the Zika virus spreads to the U.S., we need to be paying close attention.