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Winfrey Point

Lyndsay Knecht / KERA

Citizens opposed to parking plans at White Rock Lake are relieved after the City of Dallas announced  the grassy fields at Winfrey Point won't be used for Arboretum parking. But the discussion about where cars will park continues.

Shelley Kofler / KERA

At 12:38 the City of Dallas released a statement saying Dallas Arboretum attendance during the weekend opening of the Chihuly exhibit did not require overflow parking at White Rock Lake. However, the city did not rule out converting areas near White Rock's Winfrey Point to parking.

Parking Lot Opponents Monitor Winfrey Point

May 7, 2012

It remained unclear Sautrday if or when the city of Dallas will mow the Winfrey Point grasslands at White Rock Lake. An official with the Dallas Arboretum says patrons will need to use the fields for overflow parking. 

Legal Battle Looms Over White Rock Parking

May 4, 2012
Lyndsay Knecht / KERA

The City of Dallas says it has no plans to mow grassy fields at White Rock Lake Park this weekend though a legal agreement struck today would allow that. The Winfrey Point area is the subject of a battle between the Arboretum and the city, which want to use it for parking, and citizens who say that could ruin native prairie.