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Veteran's Day

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World War II was a massive undertaking, a war fought on many fronts across half the world. Even with the draft, the government needed more soldiers. So every branch of the American military launched women’s units to aid in the effort.

Here in Pall Mall, Tenn., you can walk up on the front porch of the Forbus General Store, est. 1892, and still hear Alvin C. York's rich Tennessee accent.

Every day, the older neighbors gather on the store's front porch.

"My grandfather used to cut Sgt. Alvin York's hair," Richard West recalls. "He would pay a quarter. He was a big man, redheaded."

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Strong winds and cold temperatures didn't keep thousands of people from marching in downtown Fort Worth at the annual Veterans Day Parade.


KERA and public media stations across the country will mark Veterans Day, Nov. 11, with a number of stories and programs focused on veterans, including memories of war and stories from home as they return to civilian life.

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This story is the first in KERA's series on veterans, part of the public media initiative "Veterans Coming Home."

One of the first things Dr. Stephen Burgher had to get used to as an emergency physician in Afghanistan was treating blast injuries.

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An Austin man is believed to be the nation’s oldest World War II veteran – and President Barack Obama paid tribute to him today, Veterans Day.

Richard Overton, who's 107 years old, was among the veterans gathered at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

Obama said Overton was "one American veteran, living proud and strong in the land he helped keep free."

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Officials say one in nine of the nation’s homeless are veterans. They’re among those we honor today on Veterans Day.  Some Dallas homeless vets talk about their life and the importance of this day.

Agriculture is big business in Texas. Statewide, it has a $100 billion dollar economic impact.

But the industry may be at risk. The average age of a Texas farmer or rancher is 59. And fewer young people are taking over the labor-intensive work.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has set up a program to assist aging agricultural workers in Texas. They’ve also identified a population that may be well-suited for taking over the work – veterans.

Today Is Veterans Day

Nov 11, 2013

Today is Veterans Day, and there are several events happening around North Texas.

On this Veterans Day, a video showing a homeless veteran's transformation as a stylist cuts his hair, trims his beard and puts him in a new suit, is going viral. It's already drawn more than 10 million views in just 5 days.

Dallas, TX –

Veterans Day honors members of the nation's military, past and present. But commentator Jennifer Nagorka says there's more we can do for vets after they've left the service.

The World War II generation of veterans is disappearing quickly now. Old age claims hundreds of these former fighters each day.