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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

In North Dakota, authorities set Wednesday as the deadline for the dwindling number of protesters against the Dakota Access pipeline to clean up and go home.

At the main protest camp, a massive cleanup effort has been underway. Semi trucks have been hauling debris out of camp and people here are piling garbage into bags.

"It looks like a trash pile. But it's getting picked up and every spot is starting to look better and better as we work together," Dotty Agard of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe says as she sorts through abandoned goods.

Caddo Lake Institute

Deep beneath the surface of Texas' only naturally formed lake there used to swim a massive, open-mouthed dinosaur-era fish with a long snout and prized caviar. Now, decades after the paddlefish was almost completely wiped out, it's coming back to Caddo Lake in East Texas.

The Dallas levees along the Trinity River are getting a much better grade after reassessment by the Corps of Engineers.

Dallas residents will find out next month how likely it is the Trinity River will top the levees and flood the city when the Corps of Engineers releases its “Risk Assessment”. KERA’s BJ Austin says the report uses a new method of evaluation and the Dallas levees were the test case.