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US Airways

At this hour, US Airways’ last flight is underway.  By tomorrow, the carrier becomes fully integrated into Fort Worth’s American Airlines. Managers hope to complete the merger without online reservation problems that others dealt with.

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Much virtual ink has been spilled and hot air spewed over this week’s decision to let Virgin America move its operations from D/FW International Airport to Dallas Love Field. Rick Seaney of FareCompare.com explains what this and other changes could mean for flyers.

American Airlines

American Airlines’ regional carrier, American Eagle, is changing its name to Envoy. Parent company American Airlines Group says customers will still see planes with the American Eagle logo, but with the word “Envoy” added.  

American says it will cut confusion, but others aren’t so sure.

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American Airlines

In less than two weeks Fort Worth is expected to become home to the world’s largest airline.  That’s because a federal judge today approved an antitrust agreement that will allow American Airlines and U.S. Airways to merge.

A federal bankruptcy judge has approved an antitrust settlement that paves the way for American Airlines and U.S. Airways to merge next month. In New York this morning Judge Sean Lane also rejected an effort by members of a consumer group to delay the merger while they pursue their own antitrust lawsuit against the airlines. When complete the merger will create the world's biggest airline which will be based in Fort Worth.


Now that American Airlines and US Airways have settled their suit with the Justice Department, their planned merger can take off.  But some worry that fares will soar as a result.  

American Airlines

Update, 12:43 p.m.: The Justice Department has reached an agreement to allow the merger of U.S. Airways and Fort Worth-based American Airlines. American and U.S. Air will have to reduce their presence at certain large airports across the country. They'll have to give slots and gates to low-cost carriers at Dallas Love Field, Boston Logan, Chicago O’Hare, Los Angeles International, Miami International, New York LaGuardia and Ronald Reagan Washington National.

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Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says he now has assurances American Airlines’ merger with U.S. Airways won’t harm the state’s rural airports. So he’s withdrawing the state’s legal challenge.

Texas Attorney General's Office

The Texas Attorney General’s office may be dropping or amending its opposition to the merger of American Airlines with U.S. Air.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and American Airlines CEO Tom Horton have scheduled a press conference for 2 p.m. to discuss recent developments. 

Abbott and the State of Texas joined the U.S. Justice Department in challenging the merger. The state says it violates anti-trust laws and would create hardships for rural, Texas communities.

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Some small town Texas mayors and leaders don’t buy fears that American Airlines, merged with U.S. Airways, will lead to higher fares and lost service.

The Department of Justice wants to preserve the competition between American Airlines and US Airways and is moving to block their proposed merger. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is also suing, along with the state of Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee and the District of Columbia.

Southwest Airlines

Dallas based Southwest Airlines, the nation’s leading low cost carrier, reported net income of $224 million in the 2nd quarter. The profit reflects a positive trend industry-wide.


Critics of the proposed American Airlines/U.S.  Airways merger fear the deal will hurt competition and lead to higher fares. Airline representatives say those fears are unfounded. The two sides faced off during a U.S. House subcommittee meeting on Tuesday.

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Today’s American Airlines - U.S. Airways merger not only creates the world’s biggest carrier, it could also be like a shot in the arm to the North Texas economy.

American Airlines

The American Airlines-U.S. Airways merger is official. What can passengers expect from the combined carrier, which becomes the world’s largest?

Update at 6:50 a.m. ET, Feb. 14: News Is Confirmed.

Statements confirming the news that directors of US Airways and American Airlines have agreed to merge the airlines have now been released by both companies.

American says:

Bloomberg News is reporting what KERA and other news organizations have been hearing in speculative terms, which is that American Airlines and U.S. Airways have agreed to a merger.

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The expected American Airlines – U.S. Airways merger will result in the world’s largest carrier again operating out of Fort Worth. What will the marriage mean for passengers and employees?

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US Airways CEO Doug Parker says he understands American Airlines doesn’t want to talk merger. But he says he’s confident it will happen.

Parker says Friday’s announced support for a merger by American’s three largest unions was an important step. He says the focus now is on members of the Unsecured Creditors Committee in American’s bankruptcy case.

The three largest American Airlines unions are supporting a merger with U.S. Airways.

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Overnight rain flooded many low-lying streets and highways across North Texas. As of 10am, 19 rural Collin County roads were closed due to high water.