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Trinity River Levees

Courtney Collins / KERA News

The Trinity River in Dallas surged 12 feet above flood level Friday. It’s expected to crest at 43 feet Friday night. And that’s brought a surge of spectators to the Continental Bridge.

Justin Terveen

This story was originally published on Feb. 1, 2015: It may seem like politicians and planners have spent just a decade or two sparring over the proposed Trinity River toll road, but controversy has swirled around the Trinity much longer than that - ever since folks began settling beside it nearly two centuries ago.

The Dallas levees along the Trinity River are getting a much better grade after reassessment by the Corps of Engineers.

The North Texas Tollway Authority and TxDOT heard from the public Tuesday on the proposed Trinity Parkway. A majority of citizen speakers questioned the wisdom of building a toll road in the flood plain and through a planned park.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings is backing the Trinity Parkway, the proposed toll road between the river levees. The Mayor asked four questions before making his decision.

Dallas residents will find out next month how likely it is the Trinity River will top the levees and flood the city when the Corps of Engineers releases its “Risk Assessment”. KERA’s BJ Austin says the report uses a new method of evaluation and the Dallas levees were the test case.