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Tom Spicer

Courtesy of John Tesar, executive chef at Knife in Dallas

Tom Spicer sold produce to some of Dallas’ best restaurants. He created gardens for luminaries. And for decades, he’s influenced some of the top chefs in North Texas. 

Courtesy Graham Dodds

The top local stories this evening from the KERA Newsroom: the North Texas restaurant community remembers Tom Spicer, who was their go-to supplier for fresh produce. Also, buying fresh groceries can be difficult for the residents of Jubilee Park, especially those who don’t have car. 

Summertime, fresh air, blue skies can bring to mind healthy fresh produce, though you don’t expect it to happen near downtown Dallas! Commentator Joan Davidow shares her new weekly farming experiences and looks at how we could all take steps to a better life right in our own back yard.