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Warren Buffet is making a play for Texas’ largest electric transmission utility.

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It’s now up to a bankruptcy court in Delaware to decide what becomes of Oncor. The judge in the case wants to sell the Dallas-based electric delivery company to pay off creditors of its parent company Energy Future Holdings. The Public Utility Commission last week rejected an $18 billion offer from NextEra Energy, but that part of the story isn’t over.

Texas Stops Helping Poor Families Pay Their Electric Bills

Sep 6, 2016
Todd Wiseman / The Texas Tribune

Texas will no longer help low-income families pay their electric bills. Lite-Up Texas, a program that offered discounts to hundreds of thousands of poor Texas families over the years, has run out of money and the discounts ended on Aug. 31, the Public Utility Commission confirmed.

It’s called the Power to Choose website. Run by the Texas Public Utility Commission, millions of Texans use it to pick among dozens of electricity marketers offering what can seem like a zillion different rate plans.

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State regulators have to decide whether control of Texas power lines can change hands. At issue is whether an investment group led by Dallas businessman Ray Hunt gets to buy Oncor. The company connects power plants with the companies you pay for electricity.

Oncor Airs Concerns With Ray Hunt Takeover Plan

Jan 12, 2016
Todd Wiseman / Texas Tribune

Top officials at Oncor, Texas’ largest electric utility, aired concerns on Monday about Dallas billionaire Ray L. Hunt’s $18 billion proposal to take over and reshape their company.

Texans Seem To Be Happier With Electric Companies

Oct 21, 2015
Todd Wiseman/Michael Kappel / Texas Tribune

Texans are griping less about their electricity providers, according to a consumer advocacy group's analysis released Wednesday.