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There’s a rating Texas schools do not want – improvement required. Under a new state law, schools that have received this rating at least two years in a row have to come up with a plan that explains how they will get better. Schools are trying creative ways in the hopes of turning things around.

Parents Sue Texas Education Agency Over STAAR Exams

May 23, 2016
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A backlash against this year’s STAAR exams escalated Monday when a group of parents sued the state in an attempt to keep schools from using 2016 test scores to rate students — including deciding whether students should advance to the next grade or attend summer school.

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Mike Morath got the nod Monday to be the next Texas education commissioner.

Mike Morath, Dallas School Board Member, To Lead Texas Education Agency

Dec 14, 2015
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A Dallas schools trustee and investment manager will lead the Texas Education Agency.

Advocates: Include Variety Of Schools In Texas Pre-K Program

Dec 2, 2015
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Early education advocates on Tuesday urged the Texas Education Agency to ensure that a diverse group of school districts will be able to apply for funding through a new state grant program designed to bolster the quality of pre-kindergarten.

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Faith Family Academy, an Oak Cliff charter school, will stay open after all. The state had ordered the closing of the school, and a dozen others statewide, because of financial and student-performance problems. But last week, the state ruled the Dallas school could stay open -- by using the charter of its Waxahachie branch.

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Last month, the state shut down Prime Prep Academy, the charter school that football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders co-founded. There’s another charter that’s nearly twice as big that could face the same fate.

Texas May Lose Its Waiver To No Child Left Behind

Jan 28, 2015
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The state got a waiver to some of the requirements of No Child Left Behind in 2013. That lets it keep federal money without meeting all the law’s requirements. Forty other states have waivers, too. Texas’ waiver expires at the end of this school year, and the Texas Education Agency wants an extension.


It’s the beginning of the end for Prime Prep Academy. The troubled charter school co-founded by former Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders has been under scrutiny for quite some time. Today it was supposed to appear at a hearing, but school officials never showed.

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It’s easier than ever for state officials to close a Texas public charter school thanks to a “three strikes and you’re out” law passed in 2013. One school in North Texas - Honors Academy - that lost its charter has sued the state to reopen.

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For four decades most adults wanting to learn to English have turned to Texas public schools. That will change next summer, causing immediate confusion and concern for some, while others welcome the shift.

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The Dallas school board will ask the Texas Education Agency to look into an incident last month at Dade Middle School.  That’s when Superintendent Mike Miles ordered officers to remove trustee Bernadette Nutall from campus.


The Texas Education Agency has just released its 2014 accountability ratings for schools, and several North Texas school districts received a distinction designation for post-secondary readiness.


The Dallas school district is the second largest district in the state – but it boasts the highest graduation rate for big city schools in the state.


It’s 4th and long for Deion Sanders’ Prime Prep charter schools, after the state moved this week to shut it down.  Over the years, Prime Prep’s gotten bad press for public fights between co-founders, the possible illegal transfer of student athletes, and alleged governance violations. But what caused the TEA’s announcement is school lunches.

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Six Texas charter schools are slated to be closed by the Texas Education Agency this summer. One in Farmers Branch and another in Austin are making a lot of noise, saying they’re being denied their legal rights.

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For kids, one of the benefits of rough winter weather has been days off from school. But for school districts, it’s a nightmare. Here’s a look at one hard hit district dealing with unexpected weather closures.  

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Seven experts started their week long look into Dallas schools today.  The Texas Education Agency is checking up on low-performing campuses and programs that haven’t met state standards.

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Texas Education Agency monitors are in Dallas this week to see how the district is fixing its 34 worst-performing schools.

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Class size is an ongoing challenge for school districts around the country. The New York Times reports that though the recession has ended, the impact of budget and staff cuts is still being felt in the classroom. Many districts have had to increase their student-t0-teacher ratio.

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 The charter school chain based in Farmers Branch says it will appeal the state’s decision to close its seven schools. Parents with kids in the charter’s Farmers Branch middle school hope the appeal succeeds.

Honors Academy

 Texas education officials say they’ll close the Farmers Branch-based Honors Academy Charter Schools by summer if the operation can’t convince the state to stay open. A chance of appeal seems slim.

The number of first-year teachers hired in Texas public schools has dropped significantly, according to a report in the Houston Chronicle.

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Texas must change its teacher evaluation system because of a deal it cut with the federal government a few years ago. The state’s education commissioner and others weigh in on what a new system might include.

Lakewood PTA

A group of parents who live around White Rock Lake in East Dallas wants to split from the Dallas Independent School District. That’s right, the group wants to secede and create a new school district it’s calling White Rock ISD. But the hurdles are high.

The battle over how evolution will be presented for all public school students in Texas led to rallies and heated testimony during a State Board of Education meeting.

Much of the controversy has to do with a group of people who are proponents of "creationism" that are trying to alter the way evolution is presented in next year’s biology textbook, questioning the soundness of the theory.

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After saying it was treated unfairly, the Duncanville School District has decided not to appeal the state’s low academic rating.  

When the Texas Education Agency (TEA) issued new ratings for school districts last month Duncanville was the only large North Texas district that was labeled, “needs improvement.”  The rest were found to have met state standards.

The Texas Education Agency is creating an Office of Complaints, Investigations and School Accountability after a state audit found the agency failed to uncover a widespread cheating scandal in the El Paso School District.

The state auditor’s office has released a report that basically says the Texas Education Agency isn’t doing its job to uncover cheating scandals.

The report, done at the request of Education Commissioner Michael Williams, says TEA “failed” to do its due diligence when it looked into cheating allegations in the El Paso Independent School District.

The Texas Education Agency accountability ratings out today reveal that most school districts – 92.5 percent — achieved the new “met standard” rating — the state’s temporary pass-fail system that replaced the exemplary-to-unacceptable scale. Both the Dallas and Fort Worth school systems passed.