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Tarrant Regional Water District


 The drought’s over for now, but not statewide needs for more water. The Texas Water Development Board votes Thursday (7/23) on loans for projects that address future needs in the state’s water plan. Nine of the 21 applications came from North Texas.

Jeff Walker, Deputy Executive Administrator for the Water Supply and Infrastructure Division of the Texas Water Development Board, says the North Texas projects range from a six-figure wastewater system improvement to a $440 million pipeline project.

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The destructive zebra mussels continue their north Texas invasion. They’ve just been confirmed in Wise County’s Lake Bridgeport, which is owned by the Tarrant Regional Water District.

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The general manager for the Tarrant Regional Water District  is defending the multi-million dollar cost of its legal battle waged over Oklahoma water.

Jim Oliver says the district spent more than $6 million public dollars for the right to cross into Oklahoma to pump out water Tarrant thought it should have under a four-state state agreement called the Red River Compact.  The final tally for how much public money was spent on the lawsuit was not available. 

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At her first meeting as a new Tarrant Regional Water District board member, Mary Kelleher made good on her campaign promise to challenge the status quo.

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After more than six years in court that cost more than $6 million the Tarrant Regional Water District’s legal battle with the State of Oklahoma has ended.

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The US Supreme Court today,  in a unanimous decision, shut down the Tarrant Regional Water District's plan to import water from Oklahoma.

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Water districts throughout North Texas are awaiting a U.S. Supreme Court decision that could be announced as early as this morning.

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North Texas cities depend on lakes for their water supply, so it’s falling lake levels and the annual slim prospect for rain over the summer driving the water-use restrictions.  


It may be raining this week, but the Tarrant Regional Water District is planning ahead for a dry summer.

It has notified its client cities and providers that it will begin Stage One watering restrictions on June 3.

 A first-time candidate elected to the Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) board plans to shake things up.

Mary Kelleher says she wants the board to be less secretive about its business.

Mary Kelleher, 50, a Tarrant County Juvenile Court supervisor, was the only winner among a slate of three challengers who wanted to replace long-time incumbents and take control of the water board.   

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There’s often been tension between Texas and Oklahoma. A dispute over the state boundary line dates back nearly 200 years.  And for more than a century Texas and OU football teams have clashed in the Red River Rivalry. Tuesday, the latest skirmish goes before the U.S. Supreme Court when the State of Oklahoma and the Tarrant Regional Water District in Fort Worth argue over water rights.

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Supreme Court Justices today kept alive a Tarrant Regional Water District lawsuit seeking the right to import water from Oklahoma.