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Spring Break


Five stories that have North Texas talking: stay away from Mexico for spring break; a rabbi who performed a same-sex marriage leads the Texas House in prayer; a look at suspension rates for Dallas ISD minority students; and more:

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The Dallas Zoo is out of parking spaces. Zoo officials say the lots filled up an hour earlier than yesterday.

This is spring break, and both the Dallas and Fort Worth Zoos are expecting big crowds all week.

Dallas zoo-goers are urged to take DART. The light-rail Red Line stops at the Zoo’s front gate. And today, the Zoo is offering a ticket discount to DART passengers who show their same-day pass.

In Fort Worth, the special Safari Shuttle runs between the Intermodal Transit Center downtown and the Zoo every thirty minutes.

BJ Austin, KERA News

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It’s “Spring Break” this week for most North Texas public schools and universities, but fewer students and families are planning out-of-town road trips. KERA’s BJ Austin says they’re sticking to the local freeways and attractions closer to home.

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Spring Break is right around the corner for Texas students — but a traditional destination is off limits this year.