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Dallas County reports two more West Nile virus deaths. That brings the total to five this year, surpassing the 2006 record of four deaths. 

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The health and human services commissioner has cut his estimate of what the federal health care law would cost Texas by 42 percent.

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Governor Rick Perry is turning down a state health insurance exchange and expansion of Medicaid. Those are two key provisions in the federal health care overhaul.

A military judge has ruled against delaying the trial of the Army psychiatrist charged in the deadly Fort Hood shooting rampage.

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Results are in for the state’s newest academic exams – The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness – or STAAR tests. The Texas Education Agency’s Suzanne Marchman says barely half the 9th graders – 55 percent - passed.

Republican activism may have reached a new level Thursday when delegates at the state GOP convention in Fort Worth booed Governor Rick Perry. 

American Airlines ground workers split over the company's final contract offer that would spare some jobs targeted for elimination.

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Police say skeletal remains found in a rural creek near Dallas are those of a 10-year-old boy allegedly starved to death by his father and stepmother.

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The Texas Association of Business has joined one of 5 lawsuits against the state arguing that Texas education funding is inadequate.

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Texas health insurance customers will get about 185 million dollars in rebates this summer.

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In Plano today, Governor Rick Perry defended his call for a constitutional amendment that would limit state spending.  Perry’s Texas Budget Compact would only allow increased spending to pay for population growth and inflation in Texas.

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Fort Worth State Representative Lon Burnam wants state officials to stop new nuclear waste shipments to a West Texas dump site. He says Waste Control Specialists, a Dallas company, wants to bring in truckloads as soon as next Monday.

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Three more TCU football players have been charged with felony marijuana delivery after a six-month sting.

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City leaders and weather experts will inspect Dallas-area locations where tornadoes damaged hundreds of homes.

Planned Parenthood clinics across the state have a little more time before the must turn away patients in the state’s Women’s Health Program. KERA’s BJ Austin says funding was to be cut Wednesday, but new regulations issued over the weekend allow patients to be seen through April 30.

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Gov. Rick Perry is recovering from successful surgery to repair his right clavicle, which did not properly heal following a 2009 bicycle accident.

A spokesperson from Perry’s office says he's doing fine.  Everything went smoothly.

The 90-minute outpatient procedure was performed by Dr. Bruce Malone.

Perry was emailing with his chief of staff in the hours after the surgery saying he was already back working.     


Another Education Lawsuit Filed Against Texas

Parker County Sheriff's Department


A Texas man has been found guilty of kidnapping his former neighbor and raping her on a deer-skinning device and a bed where she was chained nightly for almost two weeks.

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Rick Perry wants to use money left over from his failed presidential bid to form a political action committee supporting other candidates.

Perry's campaign has written to the Federal Election Commission asking about forming a PAC or super PAC.

A PAC would allow Perry to raise up to $5,000 from individual donors. Super PACs don't impose contribution limits.

The letter says Perry raised $270,000 for the general presidential election and now is asking donors if that money can be transferred to a PAC since he didn't win the Republican nomination.

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A federal appeals court has denied a request to reconsider a lawsuit challenging a Texas law that requires doctors to perform a sonogram before an abortion.

The Center for Reproductive Rights filed the suit on behalf of doctors saying the state Legislature had passed a law that wrongly dictates how a doctor deals with a patient.

The rule requires a doctor to conduct a sonogram, describe the features of the fetus and play aloud the fetal heartbeat whether the woman wants it or not. The doctor must also conduct the sonogram 24 hours before performing the abortion.

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Texas Governor Rick Perry is out of the GOP presidential contest, but he’s not leaving the national stage quite yet. Matt Laslo reports from Washington that Perry was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd at a massive conservative conference.

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Attorney General Greg Abbott has accepted a deal on temporary voting maps that could salvage the state's April 3 date for primary elections.

The Dallas fourth grade teacher suspended because of an email sent to a school board member will be back in class Wednesday.

Joseph Drake sent an email to Board Member Edwin Flores expressing anger over the Board’s vote to lengthen the teacher workday by 45 “unpaid” minutes. Dr. Flores forwarded the email to administrators who put Drake on paid leave for “alleged misconduct.”

Rena Honea is president of the largest Dallas teacher-group, the Alliance-AFT. She’s pleased with Drake’s reinstatement.

The federal government has rejected a request by Texas to be excluded from a new law that would limit how much health insurance companies can spend on overhead. The law is part of recent changes in health care law that Texas officials say is unconstitutional.

Testimony has finished in a trial determining whether new political district lines drawn by the Texas Legislature violated the federal Voting Rights Act. Attention will now quickly shift to San Antonio where another federal court is charged with drawing interim maps.

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Governor Rick Perry is returning home after poor debate performances and political gaffes forced him to end his race for president. KERA’s Shelley Kofler looks at whether Perry’s national pummeling will cut into his political power in Texas.

Like the saying goes in his home state, everything about Texas Gov. Rick Perry's presidential campaign was big.

From the start of his candidacy, when he garnered instant front-runner status in some polls, to his embarrassing debate performances and his slide to the back of the pack, Perry's bid for the Republican nomination seemed outsized. So, too, were the expectations.

On Thursday, Perry left the GOP race and strongly endorsed former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, citing his "heart of a conservative reformer."

Gov. Perry has renewed a proclamation declaring Texas a disaster due to the drought. The proclamation allows municipalities to apply for state assistance in dealing with the drought's impacts, including fighting and recovering from wildfires.

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry is taking his presidential campaign to South Carolina where he says he can rebound after his poor, fifth place showing in Iowa. KERA’s Shelley Kofler says the Palmetto state will be a make-or-break primary for Perry.

Perry’s decision to stay in the race follows an earlier announcement that he’d reassess his candidacy. Many interpreted that to mean he was dropping out.

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Gov. Rick Perry says he is leaving the "quirky" state of Iowa to continue his presidential race among "real" Republicans in South Carolina.

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Fort Worth water and sewer bills will be higher in the New Year. Mary Gugliuzza. with the Fort Worth Water Department says the increase kicked-in January first. Most customers will see it on their February bills. The average bill will go up $1.58.

Gugliuzza: On the water side, the big driver is the raw water cost. The cost we buy the water from Tarrant Regional is going up dramatically.

Gugliuzza says the increase is not drought related. It’s part of the longtime project with the city of Dallas to build a huge pipeline from Lake Palestine.