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Red River Rivalry

No matter what happens on the gridiron, someone’s getting barbecue. And it’s for a good cause.

Gov. Mary Fallin made her traditional friendly wager with her counterpart south of the Red River over the outcome of Saturday’s annual football matchup in Dallas between the University of Oklahoma, and the University of Texas at Austin.

“I felt a little bad about accepting this bet because UT doesn’t stand a chance,” Fallin said in a statement. “The Sooners are going to bring home a win.”

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The University of Texas says longhorn steer mascot Bevo XIV has a "life-threatening condition" and won't travel to Dallas for the team's rivalry game Saturday against No. 10 Oklahoma at the Cotton Bowl.

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It’s Texas-OU weekend in Dallas. That means a flood of burnt orange and crimson rolling into downtown tonight.  

For 30 years the Naval ROTC unit at the University of Texas has run the Texas-OU game ball from Austin to Dallas. Their counterparts at the University of Oklahoma did the same.

But neither will be making the trip this year. It’s not the death of a tradition – just another temporary casualty of the government shutdown.

The UT Naval ROTC unit is normally a part of the annual torchlight parade, part of a huge pep rally in anticipation of the Red River Shootout in Dallas. As part of the ceremonies at the base of the UT Tower, Coach Mack Brown would normally hand the game ball to the commanding officer  of the Naval ROTC student battalion.

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Saturday’s Red River Rivalry isn’t just a big deal to Longhorn or Sooner fans or the State Fair of Texas – it’s a big deal for Texas legislators.

More than 30 of them are hoping to cash in on the game by raising a lot of money.

The Texas Tribune reports that the annual football game between the University of Texas and Oklahoma University is becoming a fundraising hotspot for lawmakers in both parties.

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The Red River Rivalry tradition between the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma will continue at Dallas' Cotton Bowl through 2020, school officials said today.

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On Wednesday, the Dallas City Council will vote on spending 25 million dollars to update Cotton Bowl stadium. The football rivalry between the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma has been played there for 82 years. KERA’s Jacqueline Fellows reports on why the council is likely to approve the renovation.