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The special session of the Texas Legislature began with an announcement by Gov. Greg Abbott in June, pushing — among other priorities — property tax reform. But that call to action fell short of producing a bill in the 30-day session. And no change in property tax law might be OK, because Texans may not be as overburdened by property taxes as they believe.

Why Is The State’s Share Of Public School Funding Shrinking?

May 1, 2017
Sally Beauvais / Marfa Public Radio

Every year, the state of Texas and local school districts pay more and more for public education. Together, they’ll spend a projected $46 billion on Texas schools in 2017. That money comes from two main places: the state government and local property taxes. But that burden isn’t shared equally.

Senate Passes Property Tax Bill State Leaders Love, Local Officials Oppose

Mar 21, 2017
The Texas Tribune

The Texas Senate on Tuesday approved a controversial bill that seeks to curb the growth in property taxes that local government agencies like cities and counties levy on landowners.


Higher demand for housing across North Texas pushed up residential property values nine to 13 percent in the latest county appraisal notices. But those higher values can mean higher taxes. Homeowners who believe they owe less have a recourse: They can file a protest with the county appraisal district by May 31.

Property Tax Relief Comes With Big Cost To Texas

Oct 5, 2015
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If history is any guide, Texans will overwhelmingly approve a state constitutional amendment on Nov. 3 aimed at providing them some relief from rising property taxes.

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In Plano ISD, 63 percent of voters agreed Tuesday to a 13-cent increase in their school property tax rate, the maximum allowed by law.