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Is Donald Trump the 2016 Barry Goldwater?

Jun 7, 2016

From Texas Standard:

A political analyst outlines three aspects of LBJ's campaign in 1964 against Republican nominee Barry Goldwater that could easily apply to Clinton's coming campaign against Trump.


Texas Congressman To Trump: 'Take Your Border Wall And Shove It'

Jun 6, 2016
Texas Tribune

WASHINGTON - U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela took a poison pen to the Republican presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump, in an open letter Monday morning.

Donald Trump has consolidated much of the Republican party behind him since he went from frontrunner to expected nominee. But there are still plenty of Republicans here in Texas who aren't ready to support him.

Krystina Martinez / KERA News

Juan Williams was in North Texas last week, speaking at events sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Dallas-Fort Worth. He’s written a new book called “We The People.” He explores modern-day Americans who extend the Founding Fathers’ original vision of the United States.


Voters will head to the Tuesday polls to settle runoff elections from the March primaries. There are a few local seats up for grabs.

Mark Cuban Would Consider VP Pitches From Clinton, Trump

May 23, 2016
Texas Tribune/NBC

Mark Cuban says he would “absolutely” consider becoming Hillary Clinton’s running mate this presidential election cycle, “if she’s willing to listen.”  

Today’s schoolchildren favor socialism over the free market. Common Core educational standards — banned in Texas — have crept into the classroom. And Texas schools should “teach the knowledge and skills that made the United States the leader of the world,” including cursive, phonics and multiplication tables.

Christopher Connelly / KERA News

Many Texas Republicans have a testy relationship with the federal government these days, a fact that was on full display this weekend at the GOP convention in Dallas.

Christopher Connelly/KERA

Texas Republicans wrapped up their state convention in Dallas this weekend with a highly-anticipated speech from Sen. Ted Cruz.

Christopher Connelly / KERA News

The school bathroom wars blew up Friday at the Texas Republican convention in Dallas. 

Christopher Connelly/KERA

The Texas Republican Convention gets into full swing Thursday at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas. The event is one of the largest political gatherings in the country. 

Democrats Mull Julián Castro's Vice Presidential Prospects

May 9, 2016
Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

WASHINGTON — Only a year ago, Democrats far and wide treated U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro as the most likely vice presidential pick for a Hillary Clinton ticket. 

Ex-Presidents Bush Have No Plans To Endorse Trump

May 4, 2016
Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

For the first time since his own presidency, George H.W. Bush is planning to stay silent in the race for the Oval Office — and the younger former president Bush plans to stay silent as well.

John Boehner Calls Ted Cruz 'Lucifer In The Flesh'

Apr 28, 2016
Marjorie Kamys Cotera / Texas Tribune

Former House Speaker John Boehner has never been much of a fan of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz. He made that clearer than ever Wednesday.

Photo: Jeff Whittington

KERA's "Think" broadcasts all week from NPR headquarters in Washington. Guests include Sen. John Cornyn, NPR’s Nina Totenberg and best-selling author Andrew Solomon.

Christopher Connelly/KERA

President Obama’s time in the White House, at this point, is measured in months, but according to presidential historian Douglas Brinkley, Obama is using every tool in the executive toolbox to being seen as a lame duck.

truthout.org via flickr

A race for a seat on the State Board of Education representing Northeast Texas is getting an unusual amount of attention.

Christopher Connelly / KERA News

Campaigns for the Texas Board of Education seldom make news, especially in the 31 rural and small-town counties east of Dallas that make up District 9. Republican candidate Mary Lou Bruner has changed that.

After Brussels Attacks, Cruz Calls For Patrolling 'Muslim Neighborhoods'

Mar 22, 2016
Eric Kayne / Texas Tribune

As Americans learned about the latest terrorist attacks in Western Europe, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz called for law enforcement targeting of Muslim neighborhoods, while also taking swipes at both President Obama and his leading Republican rival, Donald Trump. 

Ditching Earlier Plans, Ted Cruz Now Preparing For Long Slog

Mar 16, 2016
Michael Stravato / Texas Tribune

HOUSTON — On New Year's Eve, a cautiously optimistic Ted Cruz was laying out his plan to secure the Republican presidential nomination.

Obama Mocks GOP For Giving Rise To Trump

Mar 14, 2016
Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

AUSTIN — President Barack Obama on Friday, weighing in on the controversial candidacy of Donald Trump, ridiculed the so-called "Republican establishment" for being "shocked" by the billionaire's rise to presidential frontrunner. 

Christopher Connelly / KERA News

In Tarrant County, Sheriff Dee Anderson was in the fight of his career. He outlasted two challengers, but could not quite hit 50 percent. That means he’s headed for a runoff with Bill Waybourn, former police chief of Dalworthington Gardens.

BJ Austin / KERA News

Longtime incumbent Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price had three challengers in Tuesday’s Democratic primary. Still, he was able to fend them off. 

Courtney Collins / KERA News

Texas Republicans turned out in droves to vote in Tuesday’s presidential primary. The race featured a cast of diverse candidates, and backers of all of them gathered at a sports bar in Dallas to watch the numbers roll in.


Public radio stations across Texas are joining forces tonight to provide statewide primary coverage. 

After Super Tuesday, Some Need To Consider Dropping Out, Ted Cruz Says

Mar 1, 2016
Patrick Svitek / Texas Tribune

Hours before polls closed in Super Tuesday states, Ted Cruz began making the argument that the results of the day's nominating contests should cause some of his presidential rivals to consider dropping out of the race. 

By now you've probably heard what Super Tuesday means in terms of the delegate count for the presidential nominating contests. There are almost 2,000 delegates up for grabs across 12 states for the two parties today. But how are those special votes divided up in a primary or caucus?

Texas Voters Head To Polls In 'Year Of Chaos'

Mar 1, 2016
Robert Hart / Texas Tribune

Texas voters will head to the polls Tuesday in a consequential day for the presidential primaries that could reverberate down the ballot. 

As Texans cast their Super Tuesday ballots, presidential candidate Ted Cruz is banking on the grassroots network of Republican women and tea party activists that helped elect him to the U.S. Senate.

Gus Contreras / KERA News

Texas used to be considered an easy grab for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz. And while the state’s delegates are definitely not out of reach on Tuesday, there are some primary voters slipping through his fingers.