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Oct. 23, 2011. That’s the last time Arlington felt the surge of two sold-out stadiums on the same day.

Nearly 150,000 fans will come to town Sunday. And with no public transit, Rangers Vice President of Ballpark Operations Sean Decker has a challenge.

More than 200 protesters peacefully marched to the Dallas Arboretum Saturday morning carrying signs that read "Don't Pave Paradise", "No Parking" and "Help Save Winfrey Point." 

Shelley Kofler / KERA

Update: 4 p.m.: 

Dallas officials have announced they will not allow the fields to be mowed this weekend or designate the area for extra Arboretum parking -- even though it's now technically in the city's power to do so. Frank Librio, City of Dallas public information officer, sent the following statement: