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The new year brought a new law that’s generated a lot of heat in Texas – the open carry of handguns. Here's a look at what open carry means for Texas.

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We’ve heard about open carry, the new law now in effect in Texas. It allows license holders to openly carry guns. Later this year, another gun law called campus carry goes into effect. Guns must be concealed at colleges. Campuses are trying to figure out how the new law will work.

Video: Patrick Hopes For Fewer Barriers To Own Guns

Jan 4, 2016
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Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called gun rights "an evolving issue" on national television Sunday morning, stating he hopes that one day all Americans can have a gun with minimal obstructions.

As Open Carry Takes Effect, Officials Predict Lawsuits

Jan 4, 2016
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As the New Year arrived, so did a new option for gun-toting Texans. 

Fake Mass Shooting Demonstration Moved Off UT-Austin Campus

Dec 9, 2015
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A Texas gun rights group plans to hold a fake mass shooting demonstration Saturday near the University of Texas at Austin to protest gun-free zones.

From Texas Standard:

A group made up of professors, and a few others, rallied behind their common goal of a gun-free UT on Monday at the University of Texas at Austin. This pushback against a state campus carry law passed last session has been building for months. The new law is set to take effect next year.

The protesters' message was loud and clear: ban guns or we could sue. Law professor Ken Williams from South Texas College of Law in Houston says their main claim will center around how universities will ensure a safe environment for both students and faculty.


Earlier this year Texas lawmakers passed a law allowing licensed gun owners to bring concealed weapons into university buildings and classrooms. The so-called “campus carry” law takes effect August 1, 2016, for public universities and in 2017 for community colleges.

Daniel Hamermesh started teaching at the University of Texas at Austin in 1993 and retired last year, but he was scheduled to teach another introductory economics class as professor emeritus. Instead, he’s quitting early because of the new gun law.

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Starting in January, you can legally carry handguns in public in Texas. And later next year, you can have concealed handguns on state university campuses. There are still a few strictly gun-free zones, like hospitals. Some Second Amendment advocates are trying to change that.

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Texas-based Whataburger is asking customers not to openly carry guns in its restaurants.

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Gov. Greg Abbott got most of what he wanted out of his first legislative session as the state's chief executive.  However, not all Republicans share his enthusiasm.