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Forget ghosts and goblins. Nothing strikes fear quite like death, which is why there are a lot of superstitions about it. Those superstitions are the focus of a book called Death Lore: Texas Rituals, Superstitions, and Legends of the Hereafter. Nordland

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Norwegians are crazy for Texas; a Plano family sleeps in one big bed; Fort Worth police stop a DeLorean – kind of; and more.  

Back to the Future Part II lied to us. It’s 2015 and we don’t have flying cars, the Cubbies aren’t (likely) going to win the pennant, and where we’re going we most certainly need roads. Sure, hoverboards technically exist, but you’re not going to be able to hitch a ride on the back of a hover-converted Jeep any time soon.

But Back to the Future isn’t the first work of fiction to bungle utopian promises of the future, let alone the future of the Lone Star State. So, in honor of the unofficial Back to the Future Day, we’ll look back at nine times when fiction got it wrong.

World Class Memories On YouTube

Texas has a long, rich history of colorful car dealers selling cars on TV. We’ve searched YouTube for some classic commercials from yesterday and today.

Craig Chew-Moulding / Flickr

August in North Texas may not be anyone’s favorite weather, but it’s peak season for creative complaining.

Bemoaning the sweltering heat is almost a hobby during the summer. And just about everyone has their own, unique way to describe it.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

This weekend in Cleveland, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will induct a North Texas legend. Stevie Ray Vaughan and his band Double Trouble – Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon, and Reese Wynans – are headed for the Rock Hall 25 years after Vaughan died in a helicopter crash.

Laurie Holloway/Dallas Zoo

A Dallas Zookeeper went on a fossil hunt with his little boy at a construction site in Mansfield. And the 4-year-old picked up what turned out to be a dinosaur bone – likely 100 million years old. On Wednesday, scientists found another key bone.

Dora Rumsey-Barling / Facebook

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Texas lawmakers call for an end to toll roads; a cow gives birth to four calves; a Dallas pothole has its own Facebook page; and more.

DPS: Glitter Bombs Weapon Of Choice For Gay Rights Advocates

Mar 9, 2015
Frankie Leon / Texas Tribune

In an email forwarded to legislative staffers on Thursday, a Department of Public Safety captain warned of "glitter bombs" being sent to state lawmakers.

Christina Ulsh

All of America has homecoming football games, parades, pep rallies and dances, but no place has a tradition quite like the Texas homecoming mum.