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Occupy Dallas

It's been a month since Occupy Dallas protesters were evicted from their camp behind City Hall. Protesters promised to continue daily downtown demonstrations but that faded. KERA's BJ Austin says some occupiers say they'll be back!

"The movement is by no means dead. It's morphing into something that's a little more long-term and sustainable, and capable of growth, actually."

Dallas, TX – Occupy Dallas members evicted from their base behind city hall say they're not going away. KERA's Bill Zeeble has more on the large police effort to dismantle the camp, and the discord among some city officials questioning the move.

Credit: Justin Terveen @ theurbanfabric.com

Dallas, TX – Occupy Dallas members and the police are giving their versions of Thursday morning's move to dismantle the camp and evict campers. KERA's Bill Zeeble reports.

Dallas Police say they gave Occupy campers and their attorney advanced notice of the impending eviction last night. But Occupy member Alonzo Bay says he heard nothing.

Dallas, TX –

Authorities in Dallas, New York City and other cities have begun taking steps to oust Occupier movements from their camps. Members vow to continue on, but commentator Lee Cullum thinks they should do so in a different direction.

Dallas, TX – After a morning conference between attorneys for the city and Occupy Dallas, protesters remain in their tent compound behind City Hall. But Occupy Dallas attorney Jonathan Winocour says the protesters must watch their p's and q's.