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Oak Cliff's Bishop Arts District is in the midst of a makeover with new retail and apartments. A few blocks away, a new art gallery – Mercado Artesanal – aims to help the neighborhood keep its cultural identity.

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There’s something about the familiar tune of an ice cream truck that sends people back to their childhood. For people in the Mexican culture, a different sound triggers similar nostalgia: Four copper bells clanging in the distance means paletas, or popsicles, are right around the corner.

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It's July 11, otherwise known as 7-Eleven. That means the Irving-based convenience store by the same name is giving away free small Slurpees. It's not only a tradition but also the company's 90th birthday this year.

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A hotly-debated Bishop Arts development is converting some skeptics into believers.


Alamo Manhattan unveiled its retooled plans for a development on the edge of Dallas’ Bishop Arts District Thursday night.


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The Bishop Arts District in North Oak Cliff has emerged as one of Dallas’ hottest neighborhoods. With developers swooping in, it’s become ground zero in a hot debate about exactly how the new Bishop Arts should look.


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A proposal to redevelop the gateway to Oak Cliff’s Bishop Arts District has sparked a debate about to how to balance development with a neighborhood’s personality.

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Architects and planners from across the country have flown or driven to Dallas for the 23rd annual Congress for the New Urbanism. But they would have rather walked.

“Walkability” is the big focus for this year’s event and experts say duplexes and townhouses help keep people on the sidewalk and out of their cars.

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Seventy percent of the students in the Dallas Independent School District are Latino. That’s by the far the largest ethnic group. But some parents say they’d like a better relationship with the district. Earlier this week, Superintendent Mike Miles visited a predominately Latino neighborhood in Oak Cliff to talk to some of those parents and their kids.

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Twenty years ago today, Selena Quintanilla-Perez was gunned down at a Days Inn in Corpus Christi. The Tejano music star was only 23, and she was just about to release her first album in English. She had an All-American story that still resonates two decades later.

Jerome Weeks

E-books and Amazon and other industry changes have battered the traditional book trade.  Which is why we don’t see many new bricks-and-mortar bookstores opening these days. But an independent bookstore just opened in Oak Cliff, and it’s an unusual one.

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Three dozen Dallas County organizations and advocates for the homeless want state lawmakers to focus on homeless teenagers, and are mapping strategy for the upcoming legislative session.

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Texas schools lose one out of every four students who drop out between 9th and 12th grades. The problem is especially alarming for Hispanic and black males, who are more than twice as likely to leave school. So what's gone wrong?

Dallas residents will find out next month how likely it is the Trinity River will top the levees and flood the city when the Corps of Engineers releases its “Risk Assessment”. KERA’s BJ Austin says the report uses a new method of evaluation and the Dallas levees were the test case.

Dallas officials have told the Columbia Packing Company in Oak Cliff it cannot operate until 18 violations are corrected. KERA’s BJ Austin reports the company says it’s already fixed “the big one” – pig blood flowing in a creek toward the Trinity River.