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With ice in the rear-view mirror and snow arriving Wednesday morning, North Texas road crews are gearing up for another round of winter. Three big techniques help make roads passable: chemicals, “brine” and the old standby -- sand.

State Invites More Toll Roads Despite Signs Of Resistance

Sep 19, 2014
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Even as billions of dollars in toll road projects are in various stages of development across Texas, state leaders say their home is still a hot spot for new toll projects.

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The President George Bush Turnpike and Dallas North Tollway interchange was a traffic nightmare Monday afternoon, but it should be ready for Tuesday morning's commute.


The North Texas Tollway Authority is offering a new “starter” TollTag with a deposit of $20. 

That’s half the amount of the current tag which requires a driver to deposit $4o. 

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You’re paying more to drive on the North Texas toll roads.  Rates went up nearly a penny a mile today to 16.2 cents, or about 5.5 percent. Here's a look at exactly how much drivers will pay on four key commutes. 

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Drivers on North Texas toll roads will pay more starting July 1. Michael Rey, with the North Texas Tollway Authority says the 5.6 percent increase is part of a 2009 plan to raise rates every other year.

“It’s a way to keep things reasonable for travelers so they know what’s ahead; there aren’t big jumps in the toll rates," Rey explained. "These are incremental increases. For somebody who uses the toll roads for $40 a month, which I think is pretty representative, you’re talking about an extra $2.50 per month.”

The increase raises the rate nearly a penny to 16 cents a mile.


Thousands of North Texas drivers could have their vehicles impounded or their registration blocked under Senate Bill 1792, legislation Governor Perry is expected to sign.

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Since September of last year, the North Texas Tollway Authority has been telling toll violators they could land in court if they don’t pay up.  Wednesday, a dozen civil lawsuits were filed in Dallas County. 

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: Name that toll lane, tiny tablets and debate recaps on ‘Think.’


North Texas drivers who’ve repeatedly refuse to pay toll road fines may soon find themselves in court. And the North Texas Tollway Authority plans to crack down further at the end of the month.


The North Texas Tollway Authority is out with a revised list of the top toll runners.


The North Texas Tollway Authority followed through on its promise to post a list of the top toll scofflaws online, including 22 who each owe more than $100,000.

Michael Rey with the NTTA says the list is its final push to collect past-due tolls, in hopes of avoiding litigation.

Michael Rey:  “Even though you tossed that bill or ignored that bill, it’s not gone away, it’s still out there. Please re-contact us and let’s get it taken care of. Neither side wants to go the route of civil lawsuits.”

The list is comprised of more than 25,000 names.

DART says last Friday’s paratransit bus accident on the Tollway was the result of the van operator failing to slow with traffic.

The North Texas Tollway Authority video of the crash shows the yellow paratransit van slamming into the rear of a car. The brake lights appear briefly upon impact.

DART says the outside contractor that operates the paratransit buses is still investigating. DART says those conclusions will be reviewed to see if changes in operator safety training are needed. The driver remains on paid leave.

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Just as the North Texas Tollway Authority tries to shed an image of awarding lucrative sweetheart contracts, an FBI investigation is raising new questions. KERA’s Shelley Kofler has more on actions the board took Wednesday.

In a meeting where NTTA board members talked about the importance of transparency, they emerged from an executive session and quickly agreed to use public money to reimburse board member David Denison’s legal fees. But NTTA Board Chair Kenneth Barr would say little about the reason for the vote or how much money Denison will receive.


The North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) board has passed a cryptic measure that appears to authorize the NTTA to pay legal fees for a board member.