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Nov. 5

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A million-dollar campaign by a political action committee and support from top elected officials helped grease the wheels for passage of Proposition 6, which creates a $2 billion fund to finance water projects.

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In Plano ISD, 63 percent of voters agreed Tuesday to a 13-cent increase in their school property tax rate, the maximum allowed by law.

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Are you unsure where to vote?  Want to take a look at the elections and issue on the ballot?  

County elections offices have posted sample ballots and the locations of polling sites as well as contact information if you encounter difficulty.

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The lawmaker who sponsored the Proposition 6 water legislation on the Nov. 5 ballot is defending it from criticism leveled by a former state water board executive and a candidate for governor.

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The Nov. 5 ballot in front of Texas voters includes nine measures that would change the state constitution. 

The most publicized issue would take $2 billion from the state’s Rainy Day Fund to help finance water projects.

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Early voting begins today for the Nov. 5 election -- for the first time, Texans will have to show valid photo IDs at the polls.