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North Central Texas College

Courtesy of North Central Texas College softball team / NCTC

The softball team at North Central Texas College will open its season Friday. It will be the women’s first game since an 18-wheeler crashed into the team bus last September, killing four athletes.

Doualy Xaykaothao / KERA News

On the campus of North Central Texas College in Gainesville, four softballs can be seen at the school's front entrance. Each has a number, a name, and the letters "RIP." 

 On Friday, an 18-wheeler hit a bus carrying 15 team-mates from the school's softball team, four athletes died.

Bob Daemmrich
The Texas Tribune

Five stories that have North Texas talking: the candidates for Texas lieutenant governor will put up their dukes, investigators say the driver of the 18-wheeler that killed four community college softball players didn’t brake, what it’s like to date Austin's “Professor Dumpster”, and more.