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Mike Rawlings

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Dallas city leaders announced on Tuesday a new partnership aimed at improving blighted and crime-ridden neighborhoods.

Economic Partners Investing in Communities, or EPIC, includes the Dallas Police Department, GrowSouth, Safer Dallas Better Dallas, Communities Foundation of Texas and Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity.

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Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings called for 10,000 men and boys to join him this weekend in a rally to end violence against women.  He arranged an all-star lineup of speakers and invited politicians and advocates to speak out about domestic violence. 

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In the United States, one of every four women has to deal with domestic violence. And 90 percent of those women say their children witness it. Adela Plasek was  one of those children, until a particularly brutal night when her dad attacked her mom.

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State Representative Rafael Anchia will be the master of ceremonies at Saturday’s “Dallas Men Against Abuse” rally.  

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Monday afternoon, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings reveals the line-up of speakers for Saturday’s DallasMenAgainstAbuse rally at City Hall Plaza.  The mayor wants 10,000 men and boys to join the call to end violence against women.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings' appearance at a United Nation's anti-abuse event captured the attention of Big Apple journalists. They liked the sensitive side of the macho man.

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Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings wants 10,000 men to join him March 23 at City Hall Plaza for a rally and campaign against domestic abuse. It's part of the mayor’s efforts to change a culture of violence.

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Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings on Tuesday will unveil plans for a rally against domestic violence that he hopes will draw thousands of men to downtown Dallas.  The mayor wants to combat violence in the home with a loud chorus of voices demanding changes in actions and attitudes.


Why is there still such a stigma about mental illness? How can the community work together to better identify and help young adults struggling with it?

That's the topic of the public forum "Erasing The Stigma: Mental Illness and the Search for Solutions."

Take a look back at our live blog. Audio will be available on KERA News soon; look for video later in the week. And KERA-Channel 13 will air an edited version of the forum on Feb. 20 at 7 p.m.

5 Key Questions About Mental Illness

Feb 5, 2013

Two months ago, the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., shined a spotlight on two crucial issues: guns and mental health. Nationally, much of the attention has focused on gun laws and President Obama's call to strengthen them. But today, North Texas is focused on mental health -- and how to deal with mental illness. 

BJ Austin, KERA

Juan Martinez is a popular waiter at a busy restaurant. He's a friendly, professional and dependable. But the 34-year-old is living a different life from a few years ago, when bipolar disorder had him in a tailspin.

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The Nasher Sculpture Center opens a new, prestigious exhibit this Saturday, called “Ken Price Sculptures: A Retrospective.” And temporary mesh panels will be installed on the exhibit hall ceiling to protect the brightly colored ceramic sculptures from the sun’s glare reflected off the Museum Tower next door.

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Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says the city’s diverse economy and easy access to both coasts help explain why the Brookings Institution lists Dallas as one of just three cities to fully emerge from the recession.

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We may be on the cusp of winter, but things are pretty fiery in the demilitarized zone of the Dallas Arts District that lies between the Nasher Sculpture Center and Museum Tower.

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The sun-scorched dispute between the Nasher Sculpture Center and the 42-story Museum Tower next door just got hotter. The mediator brought in to broker peace has quit.

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Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says the city is hot,  and he’s not talking about the temperature. 

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Another Dallas company has signed onto Mayor Mike Rawlings’ Grow South Community Fund.  That’s two down and eight to go for the mayor.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has declared a state of emergency because of escalating West Nile virus cases and deaths.

Dallas Mayor Rawlings has signed two education resolutions at the Conference of Mayors in Orlando. He says they send a message that improved academic outcomes are a top priority.

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Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings will sign on to a resolution supporting teacher evaluations based on student achievement while attacking teacher retention based on seniority. 

Mediation’s begun to try and resolve the controversy between the Nasher Sculpture Center in downtown Dallas and the Museum Tower next door. At issue is glare from the Tower’s reflective glass and its impact on the Nasher’s outdoor garden and indoor galleries.  Commentator Lee Cullum weighs in on the controversy.

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Dallas officials and the Texas National Guard tore down their 105th abandoned home today. The Guard has helped many cities throughout the state clean up since 1993. 

All three school board candidates endorsed by a young Dallas political action committee won seats on Saturday. 

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A Dallas Ethics Commission panel has dismissed a complaint filed against Mayor Mike Rawlings for his endorsement of school board candidates. 

Mike Rawlings is endorsing three candidates for Dallas School Board. As a “citizen," he says, not as mayor. KERA’s BJ Austin says one political analyst believes the mayor is stretching the city’s ethics code.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has a Top Ten List to “grow” Southern Dallas. KERA’s BJ Austin says it includes a “culture of clean” – getting rid of neighborhood blight, and a “private” investment fund to spark development.

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Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings presents his Southern Dallas Economic Growth Plan this afternoon. KERA’s BJ Austin reports the Mayor has made economic development south of I-30 his top priority for 2012.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says the city is not taking sides when it comes to charter and public schools. KERA’s Bill Zeeble has more on the charter school’s request to get funding help from the city.

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When Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings campaigned for office, he said public education would be a top priority. What's happened since then? KERA's Bill Zeeble takes a look.