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Michael Morris

Texas Central Railway

Transportation officials are traveling the state talking about a proposed bullet train that would whisk travelers from Houston to Dallas in 90 minutes. That plan has gotten a warm reception, but an additional line between Dallas and Fort Worth generally got the cold shoulder at a meeting Thursday night.


Five stories that have North Texas talking: How North Texas cities skew on the political spectrum, twists and turns over the I-345 debate, the Dallas Contemporary's Erin Cluley will be opening her own gallery, and more.

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As state lawmakers meet in a third special session to consider new road funding North Texas planners are staring at some sobering facts. 

The population of the DFW region is expected to grow almost 50% in the next two decades.  But planners say the new money would only pay for one fifth of what’s needed to eliminate the gridlock.

It’s why they’re encouraging drivers to park their cars and change their lifestyles.