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BNSF Railway

The chairman of Fort Worth-based BNSF Railway says about 4,600 railroad employees are furloughed nationwide due to declining oil prices and a reduced demand for coal.

Bouncing Back: What Do You Do After Getting A Pink Slip?

Feb 7, 2014

Even as the economy rebounds from recession, we’re still stuck in one of the worst job markets in history. So what’s a worker to do after receiving a pink slip?

As part of KERA’s One Crisis Away initiative, 'Think' host Krys Boyd talked with Dwain Schenck, a journalist who’s been there and come out the other side.

His new book is Reset: How to Beat the Job-Loss Blues and Get Ready for Your Next Act (De Capo).

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Plano-based J.C. Penney will lay off 2,000 workers and close 33 stores to save money. No Texas stores are included, but 20 states are affected.

Every union leader expressed surprise by the large number of job cuts American Airlines says it needs to survive. They plan to fight back. KERA’s Bill Zeeble reports that 13,000 figure could shrink before negotiations end, and the plan heads to bankruptcy court.