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Kathy Nealy

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

Corruption cases like the ones against John Wiley Price aren’t new. An attorney involved in an earlier case offers his insights.

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

Dallas County’s longest serving, most controversial and only African American Commissioner, John Wiley Price, was arrested and named in a 13-count indictment today alleging conspiracy, bribery, and fraud. Three co-defendants were also named. A three-year investigation led up to Friday’s arrest. What started it? Here’s a look.

BJ Austin / KERA News

FBI agents arrested longtime Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price Friday morning following a years-long investigation. Federal officials charged him with taking nearly $1 million in bribes in exchange for political favors.

A defense lawyer in the corruption investigation of Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price says it’s hard to keep quiet. But that’s just what he’s ordering his client to do.