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Iraq War

Doualy Xaykaothao / KERA News

Iraq is holding its first presidential election since U.S. troops pulled out in 2011. And one of the polling places is a Dallas hotel.

North Texas is home to about 5,000 Iraqis, some of whom are new arrivals like Masdi Altimimi. He’s from Wasit, Kut in Eastern Iraq.  

“Peace, peace middle east,” Altimimi said. “I need happiness in my country, like you guys, freedom.”

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Nearly 1,800 kids and spouses of those lost in combat are in town for the 8th annual Snowball Express. It’s a four-day, all-expenses paid weekend filled with activities, which gives families an opportunity to bond.

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Hundreds of battles were fought and thousands of lives lost in the war in Iraq. But the clash many remember is the Battle of An Nasiriyah. This weekend marks its 10th anniversary, and an Arlington veteran who fought in that battle is organizing a major reunion.