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Highland Park High School

Jamie Ford / http://www.jamieford.com

A best-selling author says he was disrupted by students at an assembly at Highland Park High School. Jamie Ford was the keynote speaker at the school district's LitFest last week.

Ford describes his experience at Highland Park High as a school visit gone sideways.

Update, Feb. 5: Meg Bakich, the Highland Park mom who made headlines last month by challenging to the book The Working Poor: Invisible in America​, apparently is backing off. On Thursday, the Highland Park school district sent an email announcing the withdrawal  of the protest against David Shipler's non-fiction book. The Dallas Morning News has more details.

A Better Way To Opt Out Of Required Reading

Nov 25, 2014
Dianna Douglas

A recent dispute in the Dallas suburb of Highland Park over requiring students to read the book The Art of Racing in the Rain was settled today—a committee of teachers, parents and students reviewed the book and found that it can be taught in the classrooms. One thing the debate in Highland Park has shown is that parents and students who object to certain books are also often unhappy with their options for alternative assignments. Some Texas schools have made that process smoother.

Highland Park Teens Speak Up For Their Books

Nov 19, 2014

The required reading at Highland Park High School is still in flux. Some parents convinced administrators to remove books with adult material  -- then other parents, alumni and teachers petitioned the administration to reverse that decision.

Mostly missing from the public debate has been the voices of teenage students whose classes have been affected. As part of the KERA Yearbook project, we hear from three students about what English class has been like this fall.  


UPDATE, Sept. 26: Highland Park has restored one of the seven suspended books to its approved reading list. In an email blast, the district says the person who challenged A Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Walls withdrew that challenge on Wednesday. 

Highland Park ISD

University Park Police have arrested a suspect in the series of bomb threats at Highland Park High School.

Highland Park ISD

Highland Park High School officials say they’re continuing with the school day despite the discovery of another threatening note.

Highland Park ISD

A Highland Park High School student found a handful of .22 caliber bullet shells in a bathroom Wednesday, and the school's 2,000 students were sent home early for the second consecutive day.

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Some Dallas County cities are getting ready to launch aerial mosquito spraying, to combat West Nile virus. School districts are also faced with protecting students from the disease-carrying mosquitoes.