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Property ownership can be a stealth business, with land changing hands before anyone even has time to notice.


The billion dollar DFW Connector project is almost finished, nine months ahead of schedule. Officials celebrate this morning with a ceremony in Grapevine.

Most police agencies are using license plate scanners, but that's not what has the ACLU worried. A new report finds that some departments, like the Grapevine Police Department, have accumulated millions of scans and have been storing that data for years.

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Activists made one last push for support before Thursday’s vote in Grapevine on openly gay membership to the Boy Scouts of America.

And both sides say the result will dramatically impact the future of the Irving-based organization.

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After a prisoner escaped by stabbing one of detectives guarding him in a Grapevine parking lot on Monday, 911 tapes released today filled in some details of the dramatic scene. Miami Dade Detective Jaime Pardinas made the call to 911 after he'd been stabbed.

North Texas delegates are proud to be part of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. While it may take time, they’re also optimistic about changing Texas’ color from red… to blue.