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Fort Worth Stockyards

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The Fort Worth City Council voted late Tuesday to create a historic district around the core of the city’s iconic Stockyards district. In a historic district, developers that want to build or expand must have their plans reviewed by the city to make sure they are compatible with the neighborhood. The decision came after about three hours of public comments, including from preservationists who were hoping for much larger boundaries.

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Fort Worth’s Zoning Commission voted Wednesday to support a historic overlay district that would add protections to the oldest buildings in the Fort Worth Stockyards. The vote isn’t binding – it’s ultimately up to the City Council – but the designation could have a big impact on how the Stockyards are redeveloped.

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Fort Worth’s Zoning Commission will weigh in on how much of the iconic Fort Worth Stockyards should be included in a historic overlay district on Wednesday. At the crux of the debate is which and how many of the buildings should have added protections because they’re important to the city’s history. 

For Many, Fort Worth Stock Show Is A Family Tradition

Jan 18, 2016

Cowboys and cowgirls in their boots and Stetsons are making their way to the 120th Fort Worth Stock Show. The 23-day event celebrates life on the ranch with poultry shows, horseback riding and rodeos, among many other attractions. Visitors say their annual visits to the stock show are less about the show itself and more about preserving family tradition. 

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The 119th Fort Worth Stock Show opened Friday. The annual 23-day event celebrates western heritage and life on the ranch with livestock competitions and sales. 

Fort Worth Celebrates National Day Of The American Cowboy

Jul 28, 2014
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A herd of Texas Longhorns, a cow chip throwing contest, and cowboy karaoke attracted some 12,000 people on Saturday during Fort Worth's National Day of the American Cowboy. 

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The Fort Worth City Council is moving forward with zoning changes to its historic Stockyards over the objections of some residents and civic leaders.