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As part of NPR's weeklong series "Texas 2020," data editor Matt Stiles (himself a former Texan) dives into the number and comes up with a fascinating map-by-map look at the political divide between the state's cities and country.

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Dallas took another “bite out of crime” in 2011. Deputy Police Chief Randall Blankenbaker briefed City Council members on the final numbers.

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From Bill Zeeble & BJ Austin, KERA News & Wire Services

The US Supreme Court has created another uncertainty for Texas candidates.

Late today the high court blocked the use of Texas state legislative and congressional district maps that were drawn by federal judges to boost minorities' voting power. The court issued a brief order Friday that applies to electoral maps drawn by federal judges in San Antonio for the Texas Legislature and Congress.

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Dallas, TX – A federal court has issued new Texas political maps for the 2012 election.

Every 10 years lawmakers redraw districts to reflect changes in the U.S. census, but minority groups have mounted a legal challenge to the redistricting maps drawn by the Legislature. So a federal court had to draft temporary maps for 2012.