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education reform

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

It was a different -- and upbeat -- Superintendent Mike Miles who praised the Dallas school district’s recent gains. Just a year ago, he almost got fired. On Tuesday, he delivered his state of the district speech.


For a teacher, education is so much more than just taking attendance, assigning homework and administering tests; it’s figuring out creative ways to challenge and inspire kids.

Tonight at 7, KERA-13 will broadcast Teaching the Future: A KERA American Graduate Special. During the program, meet a group of cutting-edge North Texas teachers, see them in action as they bring their innovative approaches to the classroom and hear their thoughts on the future of education in a roundtable discussion led by KERA’s Krys Boyd.

Teachers have a huge responsibility as they prepare students for the future. Tonight, you’ll hear how they do that in Teaching the Future, the second installment of a two-episode television series focused on education in North Texas.

Bill Zeeble / KERA News

Renowned education reformer Geoffrey Canada told Dallas school and business leaders they could better their own schools with money, hard work and high standards. Canada improved long-failing Harlem schools with his Harlem Children’s Zone, launched in 1983.