Five stories that have North Texas talking: Dale Hansen has a passionate response to the Michael Sam debate, how the drought is affecting our barbecue, a sequel to "Disney Hipster Princesses," and more.

The one main well serving 112 customers in Barnhart, southwest of San Angelo, stopped pumping Tuesday night. The fire department says there's enough water for fighting fires but taps have run dry.

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The North Texas Municipal Water District plans to initiate Stage 3 of its conservation and drought plan June 1st.

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: Drought-stricken trees, National Voter Registration Day, Josh Hamilton's caffeine jones and more.

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Investigators continue the difficult task of trying to identify 14 suspected illegal immigrants who were killed when a pickup truck packed with nearly two dozen people crashed in South Texas during an apparent smuggling run.

Texas prison officials are changing the way they do executions due to a drug shortage.

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Police say skeletal remains found in a rural creek near Dallas are those of a 10-year-old boy allegedly starved to death by his father and stepmother.

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In 2011, Texas endured the worst single-year drought in its history. Now the state has to make some hard choices about how to prepare for future droughts and water shortages as its population and water demand grows. Learn about the drought’s progression and its impact on the state, explore the pros and cons of the policy decisions that need to be made and share your stories at Tracking The Texas Drought, from NPR's State Impact initiative.

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The Federal Election Commission is giving Gov. Rick Perry the go-ahead to use some of the money left over from his failed presidential bid to form a political action committee.

Texas agriculture officials say the historic drought has caused record-breaking crop and livestock losses estimated at $7.62 billion for 2011.