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Dory Family

Dane Walters / KERA News

Last year, KERA launched a series called One Crisis Away, looking at four North Texas families on the financial edge. Between now and the end of the year, we’ll catch up with the families. First up, the Dorys.

VIDEO: The Dory Family Stays On Budget And On Track

Feb 5, 2014

KERA's series One Crisis Away looks at four families on the financial edge. In this profile, Schnique and J.C. Dory, a married couple raising two kids in suburban Fort Worth, talk about past brushes with poverty and homelessness. Hear how those experiences have shaped their financial habits.

Dane Walters / KERA News

Just because you have a decent job, house and car doesn’t mean you’re financially set. Just ask Schnique and JC Dory, a White Settlement couple raising two kids.

They both have steady jobs, their home is pristine and there’s food on the table each night. But they’re constantly beating back debt, and are among the one in three North Texans who can’t last more than 90 days after a financial emergency.

That’s the focus of our series One Crisis Away. The Dorys keep their family on track with financial planning and faith.