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Every year, Juilliard, the renowned fine arts school in New York, admits only a dozen male dancers. This fall, five of them will come from a single school -- Booker T. Washington in Dallas. That's unprecedented.

This is a promotional photo for DGDG's "War Flower."
Danielle Georgiou Dance Group

Choreographer Danielle Georgiou is known in North Texas for bold and often provocative work about feminism, sexuality and culture. Her most recent project — "War Flower" — tackles rituals and media consumption.  

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Twyla Tharp celebrates 50 years of re-creating dance this Friday at AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas.

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The last few weeks have rocked the North Texas dance community. Choreographer Bruce Wood died suddenly. Ann Williams retired from that Dallas Black Dance Theatre that she founded. And the woman who trained many of North Texas’ top dancers, Lily Cabatu Weiss, is stepping away from the barre at Booker T. Washington high school. She stopped by for this week's this week’s Friday Conversation.

Senate TV

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Ted Cruz says Obamacare is a “job killer,” you can get a degree for $10,000 in Texas, someone in Dallas-Fort Worth is $19.5 million richer, and more.

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For someone who has Parkinson’s disease, movement can be the greatest challenge. That’s why doctors are urging Parkinson’s patients to hit the dance floor.

An Arlington men's club operator who has been battling city officials over his license to operate has been arrested as the FBI investigates what an affidavit describes as a murder-for-hire plot against Mayor Robert Cluck and contract attorney Tom Brandt.