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Dallas Landmark Commission

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: today’s the last chance to register to vote in the primary; Texas has six cases of Zika virus; DMA’s Jackson Pollock gets national TV time; and more.

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The Lakewood Theater has been an institution in East Dallas since 1938, and its owners are looking for new tenants. Preservationists said the original space -- filled with a single movie screen, whimsical murals and a grand, carved staircase -- could be drastically changed.


As downtown Dallas sparks back to life, the city faces a crucial question: Tear down old buildings or save and rehab them? A task force on preservation was created after several historic buildings were demolished last fall without much warning. Katherine Seale chairs the city’s Landmark Commission and is also the head of that task force

For this week’s Friday Conversation, she talked about the task force’s new recommendations for the city. 

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The fix is in at the Cotton Bowl, where a new steel mesh will be installed at the end zones.