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Dallas Fire and Rescue

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Dallas police on Tuesday identified 36-year-old Derick Lamont Brown as the suspected gunman who killed one person and critically wounded a paramedic and another person, during a shooting Monday in an East Dallas neighborhood. 

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A veteran Dallas firefighter who was killed on an icy highway overpass last week was buried on Monday. The funeral for William Scott Tanksley attracted hundreds of people from Terrell to Dallas. 

Moms like Reagan Melton brought their children out to salute the men and women riding on motorcycles and firetrucks, escorting the body of the father of three to his final resting place.

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: Paying tribute to LBJ; a Van Cliburn auction; tonight’s the last night for the Chinese Lantern Festival; and more.

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Dallas Fire-Rescue officials say an electrical short caused a fire Monday that destroyed Luna’s Tortilla Factory on Harry Hines Boulevard. They say the short happened "in or near the neon Luna's sign on the South side of the building," and that the fire then raced through the attic. No one was injured in the fire.


UPDATE:  Wed. 5/29  Oops, that white powder found in envelope sent to a Dallas high rise address was not hazardous after all. The FBI now says additional tests proved that the powder was not toxic or harmful.  Agents are not saying what it actually was. 

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The Dallas Fire Rescue HazMat Team determined the white powder in an envelope opened in a downtown high rise Tuesday morning was hazardous. 

Update: Dallas officials have confirmed 28-year firefighter Stanley Wilson died in a morning fire. He was trying to rescue residents in the burning condo complex. Firefighters stood in a salute as the flag-covered body of one of their own was removed from the wreckage of a condo fire at at 12363 Abrams Road this morning.

A nine-story building near Griffin and Elm Streets in downtown Dallas caught fire shortly before noon which resulted in suspended DART service. The fire sparked on the fifth floor of a vacant high-rise being converted into a hotel. Reports are that no one was injured.

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A new development in the tragedy in the town of West, Texas. Dallas Fire-Rescue Captain Kenny Harris was killed in yesterday's explosion.

Captain Harris lived in West, and was off duty at the time of the incident. According to Joel Lavender of the Dallas Fire Rescue, Harris was not a volunteer firefighter in West, but offered to help when he became aware of the incident. 

City Manager Mary K. Suhm said, “The City of Dallas and the citizens of Dallas have lost a real role model.” 

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Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is suing U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius for cutting-off funding to the Texas Women’s Health Program.

In the filing, the Attorney General calls the decision to rescind funds for 90% of the family planning and cancer screening program “arbitrary, capricious, and not in accordance with law.”

Sebelius says Texas is violating Medicaid rules by banning abortion providers, or any organization affiliated with an abortion provider, from participating in the Women’s Health Program.