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Dallas County District Attorney

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Faith Johnson was sworn in as Dallas County's first African-American female district attorney Monday. At the ceremony, Johnson said she was excited and grateful to both God and Republicans.

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Gov. Greg Abbott Tuesday appointed Republican Faith Johnson as Dallas County District Attorney, filling the vacancy three months to the day after it opened.

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Susan Hawk announced her resignation as Dallas County district attorney Tuesday afternoon so she can focus on her mental health.

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District Attorney Susan Hawk has returned to Dallas from the Menninger Clinic in Houston, where she was being treated for depression, but she's has yet to be cleared by her doctor to return to work.

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A judge on Friday dismissed the case that sought to remove Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk from office.

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The Dallas County district attorney is back at work today after a leave of absence. Susan Hawk was away for two months as she sought treatment for depression.

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The Dallas County district attorney, who has been out of the office since late July to seek treatment for depression, is extending her leave two more weeks.

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Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk says she got help to stop taking a prescription drug more than a year-and-a-half ago.

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In 13 days, Dallas County gets a new district attorney. Susan Hawk will be the first woman in the job, and she won it last month from the first African-American D.A., Craig Watkins. She’s also the only Dallas Republican to win countywide this election year. She sat down to talk about some of her plans as the next district attorney.

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Deep-blue Dallas County got a touch of red Tuesday when Republican Susan Hawk ousted District Attorney Craig Watkins. Hawk talks about some of her plans, while a loyal Democrat talks about why she may have gained votes that used to belong to Watkins

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Republican Susan Hawk upset two-term Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins Tuesday in one of the closest races of the night. Hawk declared victory just after 11 p.m. as she led Watkins by a few thousand votes.

On the campaign trail for Dallas County district attorney, the candidates have spent as much time attacking each other as they have debating policy.

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Who could beat Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins in the fall?  That issue is at the heart of the race between two former prosecutors who want the GOP nomination. 

Republicans trying to break the control Democrats hold in Dallas County have set their sights on Watkins.

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Southern Methodist University says it will follow new task force recommendations calling for the school to ramp up education and outreach on sexual assault. The task force released recommendations today following a string of sexual assaults last year.

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The big question after last weekend’s rally against domestic violence is what happens next? You can see one answer to that question on billboards around Dallas County. For the first time, the District Attorney’s office is putting up the equivalent of electronic wanted posters to catch the most wanted domestic violence suspects. 

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Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins could face jail time and a fine for contempt of court. Judge Lena Levario found Watkins in contempt after he refused to answer questions in a mortgage fraud case, and later dismissed the charges.

The Dallas County DA's office sent an email warning that "two masked gunmen" are the suspects and still at large following this morning's fatal shooting of a Kaufman County prosecutor. [UPDATE: The Kaufman County Sheriff's office has identified the victim as Assistant D.A. Mark Hasse. The sheriff has called a press conference for 3 p.m.