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Dallas County Commissioners Court

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The tension in North Texas is building toward Super Tuesday, and it's not only in the presidential primary. Gromer Jeffers of the Dallas Morning News sat down to talk about another race with major implications.

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John Wiley Price is facing the two biggest challenges of his three decades as a Dallas County commissioner.

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At Lake Cliff Park in southwest Dallas, across from the home of John Wiley Price, a man pulled up in his white SUV, got out of his vehicle, and raised his fists in the air, yelling “victory.”  

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Dallas County’s longest serving, most controversial and only African American Commissioner, John Wiley Price, was arrested and named in a 13-count indictment today alleging conspiracy, bribery, and fraud. Three co-defendants were also named. A three-year investigation led up to Friday’s arrest. What started it? Here’s a look.

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Following John Wiley Price’s arrest Friday morning, a layer of quiet concern seemed to settle over the offices where he was sworn in 29 years ago as the first African American on the Dallas County Commission.

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Dallas County Commissioners are discussing whether to pony up more money to reach voters whose photo IDs don’t match their elections records.

The Democratic county judge says it’s an effort to make sure everyone who’s registered gets to vote, but the commission’s lone Republican thinks there’s another reason.

In a 3-2 vote Dallas County Commissioners voted Tuesday to join a lawsuit that seeks to stop the implementation of Texas' Voter ID law. One Democrat on the court, Elba Garcia, voted against joining the lawsuit.

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Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins believes the county's same-sex benefits plan approved last fall is legal, despite Monday's opinion from the Texas Attorney General that said local governments and school districts offering marriage benefits to same sex partners violate the state constitution. 

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The federal government is stepping up courtroom moves to seize nearly $500,000 from Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and his assistant, even though no one has been charged in the criminal bribery and money laundering investigation.

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Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins expects a majority of cities north of I-30 will sign on to aerial spraying for mosquitoes – the carriers of West Nile virus.

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Dallas County Commissioners are rejecting a call from the local medical society for immediate aerial spraying for mosquitoes as the number of West Nile cases climbs. 

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The gavel-grabbing incident began as County Judge Clay Jenkins lightly tapped his gavel to interrupt a testy exchange between Commissioners Maurine Dickey and Mike Cantrell.  

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In an unusual move, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins ordered a barrier erected to keep the press away from court members, including Commissioner John Wiley Price.

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KERA's Bill Zeeble sends word that reporters aren't able to access the Dallas County Commissioners this week as they usually do. 

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After 27 years in office, John Wiley Price is Dallas County’s best-known and most controversial County Commissioner. He’s also under federal investigation.