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Dallas City Plan Commission

BJ Austin / KERA News

It appears the Dallas Plan Commission is taking a tougher stand on gas drilling than the city’s drilling task force recommended. Plan Commissioners are crafting the new ordinance to regulate drilling in Dallas.

City of Dallas

For the second time the Dallas City Plan Commission has rejected gas drilling permits on city parkland in Northwest Dallas.   

The vote followed three hours of sometimes heated debate and discussion.

Now the issue goes to the full city council, and because of today’s defeat a super majority of the council – 12 members- would have to approve the permits before the first wells could be drilled.

BJ Austin, KERA

Next month, the Dallas City Plan Commission will reconsider its denial of gas drilling permits for Trinity East Energy.  But, some at the commission meeting thought a do-over was a bad idea.

Gas drilling in Dallas could take a leap forward Thursday.  The City Plan Commission is to vote on a request to drill for natural gas on three sites in northwest Dallas.