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KERA’s One Crisis Away project looks at life on the financial edge. Today: our addiction to credit cards. A report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston shows that despite the shaky economy, our credit habits are hard to break.

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Making money is one thing -- managing it is another. And new stats out from prove that. The median income for Texas is better than average, but credit scores in the Lone Star State are some of the worst in the country.


Too much credit card debt is sometimes enough to push people over the financial edge.

According to a new survey, three of the five worst big cities for credit card debt are right here in Texas.

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Dallas-based Neiman Marcus says that up to 1.1 million credit cards could have been compromised during a recent data breach.

The announcement comes as Neiman Marcus’ chief information officer testified today about the breach before a U.S. Senate committee. Michael Kingston appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Neiman Marcus is among several retailers to disclose data security breaches. Target experienced a massive breach during the holiday season.