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The holidays are a season of traditional comfort and joy. But Rawlins Gilliland believes that they're also a window open to the world as it was and might still be.

The idea of capitalism has always drawn mixed reaction, but the scales seem to tip even more toward the negative of late. Commentator Merrie Spaeth says it's time for big business to get pro-active.

The Peace Corps celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. Commentator Diane Brown had hoped to be part of the organization's history, but things didn't quite work out as she planned.

I joined the Peace Corps at the 20-year anniversary in 1981, intending to make Tunisia my home for two years.

The toughest job you'll ever love, as the Peace Corps slogan goes. Unfortunately, my tenure lasted less than a month. The bottom line - I was not Peace Corps material.

Dallas, TX –

Veterans Day honors members of the nation's military, past and present. But commentator Jennifer Nagorka says there's more we can do for vets after they've left the service.

The World War II generation of veterans is disappearing quickly now. Old age claims hundreds of these former fighters each day.

Dallas, TX –

He's the one writer Hollywood can't seem to get enough of. There've been several adaptations of Shakespeare's works over the last decade or so. A new film taking aim at the writer himself - sort of - prompted a commentary from Tom Dodge.

In another of those big myth-deflating movies, it's Shakespeare this time being demythologized and it's about the so-called Shakespeare Question, who was William Shakespeare?"

Dallas, TX –

October marks twenty years since the world saw a news helicopter aerial video of a body lying face-down in the woods beside a red pickup. It was a young narcotics officer, murdered by Midlothian High School boys.